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Share Looking good, nearly dead
2016-6-10 16:44
This paradoxical title first came into my head early in the year when I saw what was probably the last new public photo of the wonderful pop star, the lad from Brixton, London - David Bowie. Immaculately dressed in a smart suit and hat and with a big smile on his face to celebrate his 69th birthday - sadly a few days later he was dead - taken by an agressive cancer. Still he knew what he faced. I am reminded of the thought now by the news that former Italian Prime Minister, famous for Bung ...
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Share Are we being assaulted?
2016-6-7 10:54
This is not about a physical attack but an attack with salt! In the old days folks who bought a packet of crisps (chips to Americans) hunted inside for a little blue bag - that was the salt - People had a choice whether to add it! Then along came ready salted crisps and many flavours - we got our salt whether we wanted it or not. Now western diets are packed with salt in everything from pizzas and soups to meats in the delicatessen, hamburgers and tasty dips -This is far more sodium than we need ...
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Share Coffee anyone?
2016-6-1 12:02
At first I hesitated to write this in the land of tea! Yes. China has some great teas - with good medical benefits - like Pu'er tea and Ginger tea which are two of my favourites! They come into their own in the evening and in day time if I cannot find a coffee bar with skimmed milk for a latte! However, the health benefits of coffee are being increasingly recognised in US and UK medical research. My home country of England may be considered as a tea-drinking nation, but I am part of the coffee d ...
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Share I am better when I move
2016-5-31 13:16
This is a line in a famous movie of old. Anybody recognise it? It starred Paul Newman and Robert Redford - the famous Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Redford is practicing shooting bottles lined up on a wall. He stands there and fires his gun. He misses them all - then he runs across the yard firing as he does - he hits them all! He then says I am better when I move. I have adopted that phrase as it suits me. I like to get out and visit other places - get on the move! The four full weeke ...
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Share Stay a Little Hungry
2016-5-30 10:49
For anyone with a smartphone (and I guess that is everyone these days) there is a lot of technology that can support healthy eating habits that are important to counter the rise in bad cholesterol , high blood sugar and high blood pressure. One app can scan bar-codes on packaged food products and drinks and tell you the sugar content and what to avoid. Others can give you a calorie count, assuming you know the weight of the item. Before those innovations, pocket calorie counter books did t ...
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Share How to Prosper in China as a Foreigner
2016-5-26 15:40
With all due acknowledgement to blogger Chris Biddle. Bring your own deodorant - only Mitchum 48 hour protection Use local coffee, but carry your own skimmed milk Know where the clean toilets are and plan ahead Smile a lot and let others guess where you are from Let locals guess how much money you make and respond accordingly Listen to your playlist on iphone 6 plus after downloading on i-tunes when abroad Read western books you brought in - but do not tell President Xi Don't ...
Personal category: Life health|11910 views|14 comments Popularity 8
Share Take a Look at Yourself
2016-5-26 07:58
This phrase is sometimes said by friends who hear you criticising others - it is similar to saying look in the mirror first . Of course I believe in the advice of those positive attitude gurus (and I include my good friend Michael Murphy amongst them) that only YOU can determine who you are - criticism and negativity from friends could the result of jealousy. It could be they beat to a different drum. It is important to believe in yourself. The phrase Don't judge a book by its cover comes t ...
Personal category: Life health|2628 views|2 comments Popularity 2
Share Walk On, Walk On
2016-5-24 21:30
Some readers may recognise these words from the famous theme song of Liverpool Football Club - You'll Never Walk Alone. However here I literally mean walk on for your health. We know that some Chinese and western folks do not get enough exercise thanks to the car and extensive public transport in big cities. Yet we have good news for those trying to fit in an exercise program without the time consuming and expensive gym activities. Medical research has shown for some time that brisk walking ca ...
Personal category: Life health|10246 views|6 comments Popularity 5
Share Get exercise or die
2016-5-24 12:02
This post links to last week's on unhealthy eating. The concensus from comments was that lack of exercise is as important as eating unhealthy foods as an explanation of the noticeable rise in pre-diabetic, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol prblems in China. I show my students a documentary movie about life in China in 1972. In Beijing they see hardly any cars and loads of locals going around on bicycles. In Shanghai they see bicycles too and lots of people walking. In both cities they see fur ...
Personal category: Life health|2358 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share Age is just a number
2016-5-19 18:25
i enjoyed a post by fellow blogger ysyaileen about her middle-aged thoughts. She has not reached her mid thirties yet! In the west that is not regarded as middle-aged!! OK, those that have read The Bible will know the reference to man's life as three score years and ten - 70 in other words - and sure 35 is the midpoint. That was a long time ago and life expectancy has significantly increased - in western countries well into the 80s - The Queen of England is holding down a full time job at 90. Fo ...
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