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Share Weekend joke
2015-4-24 22:13
We have had a lot about anger from selfie-stick intrusion - there can actually be selfie intrusion without the stick! I posted something separately on that. However, the height of annoyance was this guy approaching a married friend of mine. The pest guy said: Have you got any pictures of your wife naked? No I have not, came the indignant reply! Well, said the annoying guy: Do you want to buy some?
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Share Watching me, watching you
2015-4-24 21:53
A great song and I am reminded of it by the selfie-stick post. However anger over photos predates all that. I remember a visit with US colleagues to a historic cafe/restaurant in Florence, just off the P. della Republica. My colleague took a regular camera shot of a mural on the wall. There was an elderly local gentleman and a younger lady sitting drinking just in front. the guy went ballistic! How dare you take that photo. give me your camera! Perhaps that nice lady was not his wife? Y ...
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Share The shared girlfriend - Part 3
2015-4-10 09:08
A final attempt to get a fair deal from my roommate, Bill, after a shared date, ravenous for food at my expense, and a second one who drank like a fish at my expense. So finally a fair deal. With the new girlfriend, Judith, the three of us will go to dinner and the two guys pay for our own food and drink, and Bill is to pay for all her food and drink. I just have to pay for any entertainment like entrances to a movie or a night club. So I meet Judith. Wow, I say, I can't help noticing that you a ...
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Share I am front!
2015-4-3 13:02
We are getting a spate of : I am back posts, in response to the new CD Expats bloggers contest - that is what the editors hoped! However, I feel sorry for the word front, which must be getting jealous of all the attention back is getting. For our English improvers, front has a really large number of meanings, partly from being available as many parts of speech - noun, verb, adjective. You might not know the phrase: The guy has some front! That means he has some cheek or audacity to (say) make th ...
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Share The shared girlfriend - part 2
2015-4-3 08:17
Think of this like a Friend's episode. Last week, the deal to share a girlfriend - one gets to have her as a regular girlfriend, the other only platonic dinner dates at his expense - was not fair as the girl was very hungry the dinner night after date with first guy! So the room mate ended that relationship. He has a new girlfriend Ana, and a new deal. Sure the lucky roommate is the only one sleeping with her, but now for dinner dates, both guys go along. Each guy pays their own dinner/drinks, t ...
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Share The shared girlfriend - Part 1
2015-3-29 07:53
I noted that my blogging colleague, Mutafire, is preparing a series on sex and relationships for the upcoming expat blog contest. Perhaps we can get a collection under that theme? In a jokey style, by way of a warm up, here is the first of three contributions in this area. Way back as an impoverished post graduate student, my classmate and dorm roommate hit on a plan to save money. We would share a girlfriend. It seemed a good idea at the time, but we drew lots and I got the half that eats! Ouch ...
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Share A Santa Claus Joke
2014-12-25 17:03
This one is going around but I have not seen it posted here. I added the last part! On Xmas Eve, Santa was coming into China with his sleigh. Unfortunately there was low visibility and he made a hard landing. He fell out of the sleigh onto the sidewalk injuring his leg. The presents spilled out of the sleigh all over the road. Three things happened.. No one came to help Santa get up, some people stole all the presents and the Urban Management Officers confiscated the sleigh for not having a lice ...
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Share Why I chose China - funnies
2014-12-23 18:25
We are going to have some great real posts about Why I chose China and I will contribute one later! However for now I thought, Why don't we have a few quick funnies as possible answers? WHY I CHOSE CHINA TO VISIT. 1) I can't spell countries with more than five letters so that narrowed it down. 2) I was going to Singapore but my flight got diverted. 3) I got a cheap deal to Japan via Beijing, forgot that I had a connection and got off here. 4) I won third prize in a holiday destination contest. 5 ...
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Share Mahaha
2014-9-20 12:09
We should congratulate Jack Ma, Alibaba Group founder, on achieving the world's largest Initial Public Offering (IPO) in New York. The IPO could generate up to $25 billion, edging Agricultural Bank of China at $22.1 billion and dwarfing Facebook at $16 billion. The company is based in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province. Now many of us know that another famous company, the water and other drinks maker, Wahaha, is also based there- I know as I used to arrange visits by my students to their fac ...
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Share Silvio Berlusconi's euro 7 million for love
2014-8-2 19:34
News today that the former Italian Prime Minister is alleged by his former girlfriend to have paid her Euro 7 million. Ruby, known as the Heart Stealer, was only a teenager and apparently underage when having close encounters with Silvio, who is in his 70s. Now, let me think about it. Girl a teenager, man in his 70s. It must be true love! The Euro 7 million was just a romantic gesture! I know there are cynics who don't believe in true love. Haha!
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