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Share West should Sacrifice Ukraine, otherwise trouble is due
mutafire 2014-3-6 02:57
It is simple. The international system is corrupt and power is shared between a few big powers and those powers have enough nuclear weapons to wipe out not just each other, but every other life on earth. That’s where Ukraine comes in. Russia can take the whole of it if it wants; Europe cannot protest much until they find a new source of gas to heat their frosty homes. The EU members have so much trouble in their domestic politics to risks starting a war with Russia, obvi ...
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Share What Chinese girls find sexy…cigarettes?
mutafire 2014-2-25 03:41
We all have our differences when it comes to the people we would call sexy…in Africa and some parts of America, a woman needs to be plump and should have pronounced hips and behind (for lack of a saner term.) In China, you are in a different world for sure. Usually when I go to the playground for a jog, I am always amazed at the number of people fighting to make rounds around the laps, most of them are girls and most are those that would pass as super-sexy in Africa, only here i ...
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Share What makes Chinese folks so slim?
mutafire 2014-2-21 19:09
What makes Chinese folks so slim?
You walk to a Chinese restaurant and ask for vegetables, you will find some meat strewn in there. I actually wonder how vegetarians fare in China since it seems to me that meat is almost a basic component of the average dish. When you look at the amount of starch and animal fats that are being consumed around China and the body shapes that dominate the streets, you see it – the people are smaller/leaner than they should be. But with that said, don’t get me wrong, there are s ...
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Share Why are you so black? And other funny things
mutafire 2014-2-19 17:09
Why are you so black? And other funny things
Six months in China now, loving it...especially the culinary variety. Its bliss. But more interesting to me is the fact that some Chinese people have been smuggled to 2014 without understanding the variety of race that the world offers. I don’t know how this happened but some Chinese people can’t seem to draw lessons from the fact that just like their wide range of food and cooking styles, the world was cooked up in the same way. On Sunday I went I ice skating in Ji ...
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