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Share Colombian president wets pants as his VP rejects Brazil post over dog
mutafire 2014-3-19 18:39
Colombia is usually known for violence by the FARC rebels, or for coffee growing, this week the country is in the news for lighter reasons. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, elected in 2010, kicked of his reelection campaign with a speech to supporters in Barranquilla this weekend. Butfootage of the president apparently wetting himselfonstage is raising questions about the 62-year-old's health. (Gawker) Santos, who appears to be unaware of the leak in ...
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Share ‘Employing women can bring losses – Harvard’
mutafire 2014-3-19 18:21
Okay, the feminists are going to be pissed with this latest study from Harvard University that claims that good looking men are more likely to be successful when pitching to investors than unattractive men or women, even when delivering the same brief. The study comes down hard on the myths of some managers who think that using pretty females can get investors salivating into investing, maybe that can work in areas such as air hostesses, but not serious business. T ...
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Share Atheism fueling China’s Rise, Lessons for Africa
mutafire 2014-3-19 11:04
Atheism fueling China’s Rise, Lessons for Africa
According to a 2012 Gallup poll, 47 % of Chinese people were confirmed atheists ranking as the most atheist nation on earth. Public Speaker, Media Trainer TJ Walker and video blogger an American, commenting on the poll said this is a good recipe to China becoming the superpower to rival America. Walker says that the Chinese’ lack of religion will make them progress as they will not be weighed down by superstition, their ...
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Share Why are Chinese dumping disabled babies?
mutafire 2014-3-18 04:03
The BBC reports of a welfare home in Guangzhou where more than 260 children had been left at since 28 January this year. An official from Guangzhou told the BBC that all of the 260 infants dumped at had illnesses, such as cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome and congenital heart disease. Abandoning children is illegal in China, but homes like this material one were opened up to give the infants some survival chance compared to them being dumped in the streets. But why w ...
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Share I want my Taobao Consumer Rights
mutafire 2014-3-16 00:42
Seriously, if you live in China and you can’t use Taobao, it’s like going to Uganda without going to Angel Noir, or to Beijing and not see The Great Wall or to worst still, like being at work while your team is playing. Taobao Account, check. BOC online shopping abilities, activated. ‘The only problem is,’ as writes one blogger, ‘that it is one of the least friendly websites for foreigners. No English versions, none of the ven ...
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Share ‘Don’t Marry Outside Your Race’
mutafire 2014-3-15 23:18
You are dating a Chinese girl and thinking of marrying her? Are you African and you fancy an Indian lass? Don’t do it, man, interracial marriages and unions are not sanctioned by God, and God forbids it. That’s the message of one Pastor Donny Reagan who runs theHappy Valley Church of Jesus Christin Johnson City, Tennessee. Inspired by one William Branham, remember him? Branham believed that that his own existence presaged the Second Coming of Christ and he ...
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Share The secret life of China’s gays
mutafire 2014-3-13 00:54
I come from a country where being gay is punishable by 14 years in jail, but still more I was at the heart of gay rights struggle there, I went around meeting gays and telling their stories… then I moved to China. It is legal to be gay in China; no one should come and cry wolf or a river that they are oppressed on account of being gay here in the Middle Kingdom. One more note about me…I am one athletic guy, if you were gay , you would love to be on my side…y ...
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Share China risks walking in to Abe’s trap
mutafire 2014-3-10 21:40
China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday at a press conference on the sidelines of the ongoing two sessions in Beijing: "This is no room for compromise on the two principle issues of history and territory. If some people in Japan insist on rewriting its history of aggression, I believe the international society and all the peace-loving people around the world will not tolerate it," I agreed fully with his remarks and in 2014, 100 year ...
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Share Weighing Japan and China's Response to Ukrainian Crisis
mutafire 2014-3-8 21:25
So, according to Reuters the West has imposed sanctions on Russia…Visa bans, far many Western delegates have stayed away from the Sochi Olympics 2.0 Opening. After the sanctions were announced, something caught my attention: the reaction of China and Japan! Here is a how Reuters put it : “Japan endorsed the Western position that the actions of Russia constitute "a threat to international peace and security", after Obama spoke to Prime Minister ...
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Share Annoying things foreigners do in China
mutafire 2014-3-6 04:10
Welcome to China, you are no longer in your home country. Here is a list of things some foreigners do while in China that piss me off and make me ashamed as a visitor in China. It’s China, not Oxford A group of foreigners was asked their impression of China and almost all of my friends spoke of lack of English speaking service providers…one even said the city had some signs with flawed English. I never said a thing, but wondered if we would find ...
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