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Share Framing and Priming in the Ukraine Crisis Media cover
mutafire 2014-4-3 14:04
The media are so powerful in today’s life that some people have labeled them on an equal footing as Parliament, Judiciary and the Executive arm of government. But with power comes great controversy and as such, the question of media is listed as one of the most controversial topic in political science. There are competing ideas as to what the role of the media is in a democracy or in the international system and this paper will not try to join that debate, nor will it try to pic ...
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Share 23,000 Perish in Mediterranean Sea
mutafire 2014-4-3 13:54
More than 23,000 desperate asylum seekers fleeing to Europe from war torn countries mostly Africans have drowned in the Mediterranean since the turn of the century, The UK’s Express reported . ‘The shocking figures have led the international humanitarian charity Human Rights Watch to call on the EU to reform its immigration policies, and focus more on saving lives than barring entry,’ reported the paper. The paper goes on to cite reports, etc but my issue is in ...
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Share You Know you are in China When…
mutafire 2014-4-1 13:29
Pay 1RMB and ride the bus till you are tired This is not an invitation to a joyride, you Tom Sawyer! The guy on the traffic light moves when it turns green And there is also a bike, whose wheels also spin when green The ground floor of the building is the first floor Here, your first floor is actually the second floor; the ground floor is first floor – Which actually makes sense. Someone picks their phone and th ...
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Share North Versus South Korea: War On or Soon Coming?
mutafire 2014-3-31 13:47
North and South Korea have just exchanged fire into the sea across the disputed western sea border, this according to BBC. It is at least calming to hear that "For the moment, both sides are firing into the sea," which is weird but are the two brothers closer to war? In what is very much like the Palestine-Israel affair, the war rhetoric has been growing recently despite North Korea saying it wanted closer ties and despite the recent family reunions who ...
Personal category: Commentary|1118 views|6 comments Popularity 4
Share What’s in a Name?
mutafire 2014-3-31 11:54
I hear it most of the times, Chinese people say they from the East, actually some even refer to this part of the World as the ‘ Far East ,’ my question is: far from where? When I look at my map while am in China, I see the USA to my East. When people in Saudi Arabia or Syria come to China and you ask them where they are from and they say they are from the Middle East ? My question is Middle from where? Where do we start? Japan or Canada are developed cou ...
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Share From Cape to Cairo, a Poem
mutafire 2014-3-30 07:58
Gaze not at me in petty askance Hold your greasy misgivings in abeyance Ply first the highlands of the Berbers Toasted, knitted with the Bedouin guitar rockers Follow Nile to meet the Acholi Spread wings flap in the face of Sahel herdsmen Take your time; there is no hurry in Africa Munch my chapatti to clear the Hashish you been on Flee not from the egwugwu, the beastly masked man is my son Brought your liniment to oil your waist after Rhumba at Kinshasa? All-white party in Za ...
Personal category: Creative Writing|1181 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share Nigerians spoiling the gig for all Africans
mutafire 2014-3-28 21:27
About 1000 Nigerians are languishing in Chinese jails; one out of every five Nigerians in Thailand is serving a jail term, about 1000 Nigerians in British jails and 500 are in Brazilian jails. Actually, Britain, having been overwhelmed, has resolved to send Nigerian convicts in Britain home to the oil-rich nation. Now, am Malawian, why would I even be concerned about Nigerians, one would ask. Well, in my answer, I would say as long as you ...
Personal category: Commentary|3684 views|48 comments Popularity 7
Share My Awkward Marathon
mutafire 2014-3-26 18:46
My Awkward Marathon
I met him in October, he asked after my hobbies and I listed jogging. A few weeks ago he contacted me and asked me to do a long distant run with him. 6000 meters, he said. The venue: Jinan Normal University, they have a nice concrete track there. I agreed, I mean, almost every evening I do 6000 meters, the only new thing about this was that I would run in the day. Took an expensive taxi ride – later learned that I could get a bus and just pay 1RMB. Did ...
Personal category: Lifestyle|6031 views|25 comments Popularity 11
Share Why I will not be doing spring photography
mutafire 2014-3-22 20:54
Why I will not be doing spring photography
Well, first things first, the outdoor sphere is piaoliang, the once sorry, barren and void branches of trees are suddenly oozing with new material - spring is here in China. And with it comes the hype, it’s like the selfie craze among teens; everyone with a camera wants to take a snap of the bloom. Social media is awash with pink and bright flowers as profile picture. Among the hype, inside the madness, there are people like me…who stand firm, people who will not be ...
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Share Xiao Zhen's Eulogy
mutafire 2014-3-21 23:07
Xiao Zhen's Eulogy
An unverified video clip has gone viral on showing a Chinese student jump to his death in the middle of a class allegedly under exam pressure. The video which has racked up almost 250,000 views shows a normal class scene which is then thrown in chaos after a young man suddenly moves out of focus by climbing on a window sill and jumping. The reaction of the class fills in the gaps that the camera could not capture: The boy jumped to his death. ‘High schoo ...
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