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Share China and USA: Stop the Tom and Jerry Games
mutafire 2014-5-20 11:15
When Michelle Obama visited China, so many felt warm, the same can be said of the meeting between Obama and Xi or when the Hagel visited the Chinese army posts. But that is just on the dreamy side, the reality is that the US hates China because they say it represents retrogression and here they will cite rampant piracy, lack of press freedom, lack of basic freedoms such as expression , association or religion. The Americans also see China’s Communist ton ...
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Share Oral Sex is 'Dope' but Cancerous
mutafire 2014-5-20 05:14
Hollywood actor Michael Douglas has caused a bit of a storm this week after claiming that the throat cancer which nearly killed him was caused by giving oral sex. It is an open secret : more couples are partaking in oral sex than ever before. That is both fellatio and cunnilingus , which is where couples orally stimulate each other’s erotic zones. Its ‘dope’ and already its being described as the new "good night kiss." At least 54 percent of teenage girls ...
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Share South China Sea Claims Need Rethinking
mutafire 2014-5-19 13:14
South China Sea Claims Need Rethinking
Firstly, the violence against Chinese nationals in Vietnam is wanton and will only hurt Vietnam in the long run; there are always better ways of dealing with conflict than taking up arms or employing terror. With that said, the issue of China and its South China Sea claims needs sober minds. Whatever happened back in history, whatever military might one might have, just by looking at the border that China draws on the South China Sea map, it is easy to see it ...
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Share Weed drama in Tai’An
mutafire 2014-5-19 11:34
Weed drama in Tai’An
Well, weed, hemp, ganja, dagga, marijuana, collie, grass…or whatever you call it is a very illegal plant in China or almost everywhere you might go… in China it is almost unheard of. Me and my 20 partners were jogging up Mount Taishan and when we got back to the foot of the mountain in Tai’an I noticed a row of weed growing along the road, the herb was green, healthy and starched about 40 meters or longer. I instantly screamed and gasped and soon, people were on the h ...
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Share Stupidest Question Ever Thrown at Me in China
mutafire 2014-5-15 11:11
Stupidest Question Ever Thrown at Me in China
Well, I have had my share, my big share of stupid, awkward and weird questions thrown at me in China. I actually have come to accept it all and to secretly declare that the Chinese nation might be the only nation that is so closed to the outside world that it knows next to nothing about the world...mind the repetition. I have been asked awkward questions such as: Why is your skin black, but that was from a child. The most shocking question thrown at me was from a fully grown lady, st ...
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Share $6bn Asia-Africa 'Chinese Mini-City' to be Built in Malawi
mutafire 2014-5-12 11:04
A consortium of Chinese investors has picked Malawi for the setting up of an Asia-Africa International Free Trade Zone that could cost a whooping US$6 billion to construct, The Daily Times of Malawi reported. The proposed Asian-African International Free Trade Area would include a complex of business buildings with a surface area of at least 100,000 square meters, creating a mini-city that will have integrated African and Chinese cultures, wrote the paper. Other facilities in the comple ...
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Share Judith was part Mother Theresa part Machiavelli
mutafire 2014-5-10 08:49
Judith was part Mother Theresa part Machiavelli
This is part of the story of my mother. The real story is too long to write or tell. She had a child every two years until there were 8. More children meant wealth and prestige, and dad badly wanted a daughter and kept on having males and therefore kept on siring until he got his girl who he named ‘Wiza’ which translates as ‘she has come.’ Never under her roof did we go naked or without food – the lowest we could go was have a meal with just vegetables. Her favourit ...
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Share Why Foreign women don’t date Chinese men
mutafire 2014-5-5 11:04
Look around, foreign men whether fat, ugly, short, tall, rich or poor are dating local girls. But to see a Chinese guy dating a foreigner is like seeing a fight in a church or a female Pope. Ok, maybe the Pope meme is a hyperbole but it comes from a real issue; why are Chinese men not dating the thousands of foreigners in China? Warning...this is a satire...its just a funny post... Well, firstly, Chinese men are afraid. Even in Chinese colleges a lot of Chinese men d ...
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Share China and Africa should look out for each other
mutafire 2014-5-2 11:24
China was humiliated in the Opium Wars and Westerners shredded the nation into private lots, Africans were enslaved and her land yanked by Europeans. China and Africa have had their share of robbery and subjugation. Chinese and Africans highly regard family and tradition. Their dances, festivals and superstitions are as if the two are not worlds apart. Both have large numbers of poor and both live in a world where even prices of small things such as tea and tobac ...
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Share 1 in 10 International Tourists is now Chinese...But...
mutafire 2014-4-28 09:42
1 in 10 International Tourists is now Chinese...But...
Good news keeps pouring for China. The Middle Kingdom is enjoying a good run, I dare say. ' Nearly one in ten international tourists worldwide is now Chinese, with 97.3m outward-bound journeys from the country last year, of which around half were for leisure. 'Chinese tourists spend most in total ($129 billion in 2013, followed by Americans at $86 billion) and per tax-free transaction ($1,130 compared with $494 by Russians). More than 80% say that shopping is vital to their p ...
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