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Share China’s Abortion Scene is Inspiring
mutafire 2014-9-15 05:09
China’s Abortion Scene is Inspiring
As someone who is passionate about abortion, among other issues, I trekked to Jinan Maternity and Children Healthcare Hospital to check out the abortion scene in China…fly on the wall style. On the third floor of the hospital a crowd of couples wait for their names to be called out on the PA. Girls, women, ladies and men stream in and out of the establishment clasping papers detailing appointments, medical tests results and other whatnots. At th ...
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Share The Biggest Hit in China Right Now
mutafire 2014-8-21 11:34
Arguably. It is a cheap song, really. Crude lyrics, lyrics over a common techno beat. But this song has won over the hearts of many Chinese folks, from kids to the advanced in age. When I first heard it, I was like, hey it is just one of those songs, but three weeks later, it was bigger. Advertisers are looping it along their sales chants, restaurants and street vendors are blasting it and by my calculation, it should be very popular in the Karaoke booths. T ...
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Share Summer Jam
mutafire 2014-8-21 10:37
Summer Jam
Is it Summer where you are? Are you at the beach or at least in some cool water? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, here is my advice... ask for permission to go to the top floor of the nearest tall building, open the window and jump. Reporting from the cleanest, quietest, least crowded, cheapest beach in all of the Middle Kingdom, this is Mutafire in Rizhao.
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Share Not So Han Hao
mutafire 2014-8-9 10:59
I went to my favourite restaurant this other day and I saw it all, it still haunts me to this day. And it was just the first in a string of signs that seem to indicate that Chinese people are only united on national issues… See a huge Chinese brother, bare muscles, tattoos and all accidentally tripped a woman splattering her food all across the restaurant. Naturally, the woman freaks and throws a tantrum at the brother, the brother doesn’t apologise, he stands up shou ...
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Share Letter to My Chinese Father-In-Law
mutafire 2014-8-3 08:50
Dear Sir, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and wish the day is a cool one there in Harbin, unlike here in Shandong, where it is hell-grade hot as I write. I write this letter to protest your reaction to my dating your daughter. She has told me all about it. Man to man, I dare say, I am ashamed on your behalf and will pretend you were drunk in all the instances you did the things you did. When she told you she was in love with me, ...
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Share Does the Christian God Hate Women?
mutafire 2014-7-31 16:32
Paul wrote: “There is no difference between Jews and Gentiles, between slaves and free people, between men and women; you are all one in union with Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28). This call has, however, done little to check the unthinkable oppression and discrimination women have gone through for millennia. Many may say illiteracy, poverty, culture and sheer male chauvinism are to blame. But does anyone suspect that the very scriptures and religions we trust are th ...
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Share Halal: Holy or Cruel?
mutafire 2014-7-31 16:00
MENU Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. According to these guidelines from the Quran, Muslim followers cannot consume haram or that which is forbidden in Islam. Haram foods include: animals not slaughtered properly, animals that are slaughtered in the name of a god other than Allah, carnivorous mammals, pork or pork by-products (like marshmallows, gelatin, jello), animals that were dead prior to slaughtering, blood and blood by-p ...
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Share An Ode to that 12 Millionth Pig
mutafire 2014-7-6 10:17
An Ode to that 12 Millionth Pig
Yesterday I dropped off the GPS and went out of the Wi-FI infested city to a Chinese village on a mission to inspire children into learning English. A village so rural, people brought their grandfathers to take a picture with me because they have never seen a foreigner. A sleepy town of mostly senior citizens; dusty town, green with crops and everyone trying to sell everyone something. So typical a village, my host’s son in-law, a po ...
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Share Parents Parents Everywhere I see Parents
mutafire 2014-7-4 07:22
There was hubbub and general chatter; everyone was excited at the prospect of an English teacher at this particular school that I will not name for obvious reasons. I was late, I got off at the wrong stop, and someone had to rush to go and retrieve my sorry remains. I was hurried into the school yard on an electric bike that was so low that I thought it should be a toy and not a serious tool for perambulation between real points in the concrete jungle of more than 4 milli ...
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Share Holy Rocks Selling like Hot Cakes…
mutafire 2014-7-4 06:27
Holy Rocks Selling like Hot Cakes…
Scratch that, cakes are for the young or the fat; these rocks are selling like holy rocks, literally. Because they are holy. I have seen humongous rock features in front on some important building in China, I always thought the construction companies were lazy in demolishing and just made a monument of them - I was wrong and it is sad that it took me all this time to realize. One weekend, just a while ago, I went to see Mount Tai, in Ta ...
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