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Share Is that a Penis in the Shandong Skyline?
mutafire 2014-7-2 08:30
Is that a Penis in the Shandong Skyline?
Not that it is, but it could well be. I was blissfully galloping in the capital of Shandong, Jinan, with a friend from Hebei. She is an unquestioningly a conservative and traditional Chinese girl. The moment her eyes met the building, she chuckled and she was like... "that building looks like a penis, why did they let them build it in the city center?" I followed her eyes. I have lived in Jinan since I learned what to say after 'Nihao' and i never gave it a thought, ...
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Share ‘Don’t Marry Outside Your Race’
mutafire 2014-3-15 23:18
You are dating a Chinese girl and thinking of marrying her? Are you African and you fancy an Indian lass? Don’t do it, man, interracial marriages and unions are not sanctioned by God, and God forbids it. That’s the message of one Pastor Donny Reagan who runs theHappy Valley Church of Jesus Christin Johnson City, Tennessee. Inspired by one William Branham, remember him? Branham believed that that his own existence presaged the Second Coming of Christ and he ...
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Share The secret life of China’s gays
mutafire 2014-3-13 00:54
I come from a country where being gay is punishable by 14 years in jail, but still more I was at the heart of gay rights struggle there, I went around meeting gays and telling their stories… then I moved to China. It is legal to be gay in China; no one should come and cry wolf or a river that they are oppressed on account of being gay here in the Middle Kingdom. One more note about me…I am one athletic guy, if you were gay , you would love to be on my side…y ...
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