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Share What is the happiness?
2019-8-18 18:03
Once I heard a story, it's said that a puppy all day asked, "Mom, after all, what's the happiness, the puppy stared, looking at his mom, to get an answer." Mom told her child,"happiness is your tail!" Thereupon, the puppy, for the potential happiness, the whole day, ran after his tail, his happiness, so that he can seized it. The puppy ran in circle, wouldn't catch his tail. A good while later, the puppy got tired, and lay on the ground, out of breath, didn't decide to run in circles for happine ...
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Share The flowers
2019-8-12 23:56
Dear friends, long time no see! Almost the girls, I think, love this or that, these or those, flowers, living flowers, or artificial flowers. Me, too. 搜索 复制 At home, especially at summer, once a day I water the jonquil and asparagus fern. The aloe, we all know, is tolerant to drought, so, I sometimes water it. I am unable to plant the jonquil, asparagus fern and aloe, I get tired, because previous living flowers, when I took home alive, ...
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Share Photos are not uploaded
2015-4-8 16:54
Thereis a little pink reading lamp on my desk. My father bought itfor menearly five years ago when I just started my life's career. I would switch it on and off for quite a few times each day. It has become an indispensable part of my life. It has been, so to speak, quite a loyal friend of mine. Though I have hardly ever been gentle to it, it has never broken down, or failed to give me light and warmth when needed. I can still remember how many nigh ...
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Share Spring Is Back
2015-4-6 14:05
Spring Is Back
SpringIsBack Thetemperatureinourcityhadbeen ...
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Share An Amusing Story Copied from English Time
2015-4-5 17:55
2482 views|20 comments Popularity 5
Share Is This Kind of Betrayal Acceptable?
2015-4-3 20:30
Is This Kind of Betrayal Acceptable?
Lastnight,myhusband ’ suncleandhisnewgirlfrienddrovetoourhouseinLangzhongCity.TheysetoutfromShaanxiprovince,wheretheunclehasbeenworkingforyearsasabuildingcontractorandmadequitealotofmoney. Myhusband ’ s&nb ...
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Share True Love
2015-3-30 00:09
True Love
ThiseveningwhileIwastakingawalkinthelocalmunicipalgovernment'ssquare,whichisaverylargeandpopular park forrestandrecreations.Iencounter ed againtheyoungcouplewholiveinthesamebuildingasIdo.Theyoungcouplewaswalkingha ...
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Share To Feel the Spring
2015-3-25 23:01
To Feel the Spring
This afternoon, my mother-in-law and I took a long walk after lunch near our neighbourhood, to see, to smell, to touch and feel the spring. Recently I've been bothered by some personal affairs and thus not in quite a good mood, and therefore, wanted to take advantage of this chance toget rid of those boring things and cheer myself up. Spring is the most beautiful season,the colorful and fragrant flowers, the fresh grass growing lushly by the roadsi ...
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Share Classical Chinese TV Series: Journey to the West
2014-8-19 23:16
Classical Chinese TV Series: Journey to the West
This afternoon while having lunch at home I turned on TV and tried to find some interesting program to watch. The classical Chinese myth TV play series on CCTV-8 named Journey to theWest caught my eyeball again. This great TV series was adapted from the literary classical masterpiece with the same name, authored by Wu Cheng’en, a Chinese novelist and poet of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It’s one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. The other three are Wa ...
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Share Trip to Peng'an County
2014-8-18 19:38
Trip to Peng'an County
It ’ sovercastthedaybeforeyesterday.Suchkindofweatherisquitesuitablefortravelling.Soafriendand I gotupearlyandsetoff toPeng'an,asmallcountyinnortheastSichuan,forsightseeing.Internettellsmethatthiscountyisknownfor&nb ...
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  • The flowers 2019-8-14 05:12

    Welcome back after hibernation on bloging!

  • The flowers 2019-8-14 05:12

    Welcome back after hibernation on bloging!

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