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Good art sense for leading role

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That text from <The New Concept English> told me: Politics is a dirty game in which no politicians are as perfect as beautiful jade without any spot! It is impossible for the leader to satisfy everyone no matter how hard he tries. But for one truth just as that former Japanese Premiere said: A good politician should be an artist first who can play leading role in a musical way so that the public follow him in a delighted mood. Last evening from the CCTV news program I learned that Trump was going to be driven out of office for his shabby performance as president! This reminds me former president who had been a film star before he came to power whose appearance was still as attractive as an artist on the political stage! "The American leader looks so cool!" ----------That beautiful girl (my colleague)shouted without notice when we were watching color-TV program in meeting classroom in 1987 or so. 

Great leader Chairman Mao had exordinary art ability for his leadership whose thought has deep roots in the hearts of the Chinese people. That is why China has become the world most powerful socialist country. His spirit will influence us from generation to generation for ever. 

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-12-13 11:43
Who told you that Trump is going to be driven out of White House?! You are naive.
Reply Report SEARU 2019-12-13 14:08
kevinruud: Who told you that Trump is going to be driven out of White House?! You are naive.
Haha! I mean Trump is going to be impeached for his unfit doings in the top position. I think most reader friends can understand my real meaning.
Anyway, thanks for your question-comment. From now on I will work hard to express my own ideas in a neat way!
Reply Report SEARU 2019-12-15 14:41
For more comments, please check my new thread of the same title.
Reply Report KIyer 2019-12-19 13:51
It is just that the party opposed to President Trump controls one House of Representatives. they voted on partisan lines to impeach President Trump. This will not pass the Senate which is the other body of legislature that is not controlled by those opposed to President Trump. This seems like drama and theater preparing for the next upcoming Presidential election in 2020 in the USA... There are constitutional provisions in the USA system to keep a check and balance on the different institutions of power. They are used for political purposes too sometimes. This is a feature of their system - sometimes for good, sometimes not... This impeachment vote is a note of disapproval from some, it does not mean  he will be removed from office.
Reply Report KIyer 2019-12-19 13:54
Various different personality styles appeal to voters in different cultures and countries. Many in the USA like President Trump's style. I am not from the USA or in the USA but I like his style too. I also like other styles of leaders like Modi, President Xi, President Putin, PM Boris Johnson and PM Scott Morrison. There is no one style that is suited for all, particularly in democracies with many political parties
Reply Report SEARU 2019-12-21 17:18
KIyer: Various different personality styles appeal to voters in different cultures and countries. Many in the USA like President Trump's style. I am not from ...
Thanks for comments. I have made a reply on the thread of the same title. Please   have a look at it when you are free. (Shake hands with you!)

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