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Bull encourages us forward

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It is a joke if you really believe dog is stronger than cattle! 
In chinese we have an interesting character 生 which is a cattle (牛)plus ‘一’ as ‘ground’. Which word means ‘birth’ or 'life’, why?  When baby-cattle first comes onto the ground from mother‘s 'stomach', the  magic animal can soon stand up and begin to walk within few minutes after birth that was real scene I saw when I was little!  So let me say that our ancestors were quite clever who took 生 as ‘living’! I wish youth should do as bulls who can make a living as early as possible and raise themselves independently! 
Bull represents ‘active’, ‘positive’ and ‘useful’! We forumites should post more meaningful writings for kids' growth which help them to own healthy concept about the physical world! 

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-5-21 10:59
I noticed your this ‘strange’ and ‘weak’ comment as soon as it got approval by the editor but I hesitated to make an instant reply! Now I think the best answer should be as the following:
If explained in our culture dog is good at shouting empty slogans! The first part of 狗(dog)looks exactly like the animal‘s body jumping up in the air from the ground and 句 seems as ‘’the widely-opening mouth’ plus 口(mouth). 句 originally means ‘sentence’ but here it should hint that the animal is shouting again and again without stopping which can not do anything else for its master!
According to our custom, we look down this kind of beast!
Reply Report kevinruud 2019-5-21 22:57
Were you talking to yourself?! or to the shadow of yourself?
Reply Report SEARU 2019-5-30 16:37
kevinruud: Were you talking to yourself?! or to the shadow of yourself?
The above is my loyal words to young friends who can fully understand me as time passing by!
About your second sentence: That goes like ‘cold bullet’ you shot off!  (Kidding! )

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