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Good child can go anywhere

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Those countries should learn from China: Our government officials at different levels have done hard and detailed work to help the poor get out of poverty by all means! The basic solution to the problem should be letting the local people make full use of the natural environment condition and try to make money with their own hands! The Chinese character 穷(poor)has meaningful body language in appearance: Its top part is 穴(cave)while the lower component is 力( force or strength)which whole word tells one truth: A man always staying at cave-home will earn nothing!

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-4-19 15:15
The title does not pair the content?

"To make fortune with bare hands”?
Reply Report SEARU 2019-4-20 09:13
Feeling so shameful for the fact that my this post was labeled as ‘passing’ , it was hard for me to get into sleep last night! When I woke up this morning, I thought the best title for the blog should have been “Where is your potential energy?” (Of course there is no ‘question-mark’ in headline.)
Special note: You may think that the character 力 can be understood as 'A man with strong legs and arms"! And 穷 shapes like ‘A man in cave-prison who can not fully make use of labor ability for living!
In China we often say: "好男儿志在四方!" ---------A good boy is so ambitious that he takes the whole world as the stage for the  performance of his talent!
For this reason I named the original title which has a long distance to the content and hard to be recognized by reader friends! Sorry for the rude work style on writing!

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  • What is 志 2019-5-26 21:24

    志 shows ‘The heart of a ambitious man’.  The heart(心)can be understood as a boat supporting the man for living!  Yes, we live for dream to be realized by all means! The body language of 志 is so powerful that it always offers me too much bravery and strength to face kinds of difficulties and struggle for the primary destination set by myself a long time ago!

  • What is 志 2019-5-26 16:45

    To foreign friends: Please pay attention to the difference of 士 (man)and 土(earth)!  Both have the same component ‘十’;The first has a short horizon line  while the latter with a longer stroke for bottom!
    For 土: the cross '十' symbols ‘one single of dust’ while the big horizon line should be ‘the surface of the ground’’!  That is why 土 means ‘earth’!

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