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After senior middle school I entered the  Qvfu Teacher College one year later which was promoted as ‘university’! It iwas said the former had been controled  by the Provincial Education Department and the later would be directly led by the State-level one! 

One university may own many colleges as child-company!

Needless to say our trade education has developed rapidly as the government has invested more on the cause!  In 1989, the headmaster asked me to buy one second-hand black-white TV from that city for experiment, who could not afford a new one for the kids! ----------Maybe to your surprise, five years ago the government offered the school dozens of digital lathes for the students studying mechanics! It was said one of the most advanced machines was worth 300000 RMB! ----------What a great change it is! Which is beyond my dream!

However, I don't think the wonderful material is enough for the success of our job! ---------There is much room for our software system including the textbooks and the teaching method and so on!

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