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Firewood and axe

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This winter I often split log into pieces for firewood! ----------Living in the village with my old mom, I have to burn coal to warm up the house against the cold weather. The job of making firewood let me think more about 柴---------止 shapes like your two feet; 匕 is  ‘knife’(to me it is an axe!); 木 means ‘wood' or ’tree'. ----------I fix the tree-branch with one foot while raising up and dropping down the axe, wood easily becomes burning-material!  


Another related character is 析, which first part is ‘wood’ and the remaining one is ‘axe'(斧).  析 means ’to divide something into pieces.'

分-----八 is ‘eight’ and 刀 means ‘knife'.  To cut the melon with the knife for eight times?  How many pieces it would be?-------I know you could divide the object into eight parts if three times of cutting!

-----------For this reason, we use ’分析' to refer to your word 'analyze’! -------Is it reasonable? ----------Or when you see the word ‘analyze’, could you think of ‘wood, knife and axe’?

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