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我的英语学习之路 -- 从清华剑桥, 到美国 教授,养儿育女

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In this thread, I will share with you my 30 some years of experience in studying English, started in the late 70s, as a high school student in one of the poorest towns in China, continued in Tsinghua and Cambridge, and then as a professor in the United States teaching my Chinese postgraduate students English, and finally as a dad watching my two kids growing up into their college and high School years. 

One word of wisdom for all learners: however good your English sounds like, however well you write, if you cannot think in English and cannot use the simplest few words to express your idea, then you have not learned English yet. Next time when you speak, pay attention if you can correctly use the few words like she he her him, do did does, has have.

1. 踏上英语旅程的死路


1980年秋,我跨出上图中的门坎,坐了一整天的长途车到省城,然后再坐两整天的火车到北京。当我踏上清华大学校园,加入了80 级的2000新生时,北京的天空特别清爽,我觉得我几乎可以飞入兰天。





English Version

1. My Journey into English World

In the fall of 1980, from one of the poorest towns in the poorest province in China, I took a bus to the provincial capital and then boarded a train bound for Beijing. The train traveled at a great speed, faster and more powerful than anything I had ever experienced -- so powerful that the mountains on either side seemed to have moved out its way and rushed back into the distance. After only 48 hours, it had crossed the entire country and arrived in Beijing. As I stepped onto the campus of Tsinghua as one of the 2,000 freshmen, the sky over Beijing was particularly clear and I felt I could almost fly into it.

I was assigned to a level C English class as one of the 90 freshmen with the lowest English test scores on the National College Entrance Exam. The majority of students were assigned to level B and the top few to level A.

Our English teacher, a very nice gentleman in his late forties or early fifties, studied Russian in his college years, but switched to teaching English after China's relations with the Russians soured. He would read from a textbook in English and then explain the text to us in Chinese. It was plain that, other than reading from the textbook, he could not speak English.

By November, the weather had turned chilly and the sky outside our classroom seemed perpetually grey and dull.

In those days the standard way of learning English was to memorize as many words and grammar rules as possible, and to read a few carefully selected texts and memorize them by heart, exactly the same way as we would memorize classic Chinese texts in high school. We would read our textbook in the morning before class started and then read more in the evening after dinner; we read the text whenever and wherever. You could not escape from the energetic reading that permeated the entire campus. We would also write English words in a small deck of cards, one side in English and the reverse in Chinese. I would carry that deck of cards with me all the time and read each English word out loud and try to guess its meaning in Chinese, or look at the Chinese and guess the English word on the other side. On average I spent more time learning English than all other subjects combined.

A year later, the sky outside of the English classroom was just as dull as ever and the voice of our teacher explaining grammar rules was getting more and more soothing for afternoon nap. In my daydream, I could see I would never learn enough English to read, let alone speak or write.

(to be continued)

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    Yes education should encourage investigation, reflection, evaluation and not just the learning of facts. Sometimes facts are wrong!

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