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Report futsanglung 2014-2-17 14:31
Hi, welcome, I am glad you like what I write as many others do not
Report cody160 2014-2-12 18:31
BellaJiang: Very much approve with your point of the view.Maybe I just love the benefits.I dont learn it by heart.In fact ,it's very important to be good at Engli ...
I'm Cody, requested for adding your QQ, waiting for your approval.
Report cody160 2014-2-12 14:42
BellaJiang: Oh,about me ,I like traveling,singging too,and watching TV ,maybe another kinds of things.I think you are good at English.What major do you learn in u ...
My major is Electronic & Information Engineering. Although, my major has nothing to do with English, but I love English so much that I've been learning it all by myself. Many people asked me why I learnt it on daily basis, I simply told them I just love it. I found that many people learn English not because they actually love it, but because the benefits it could bring to them in the job market. English merely serves as a tool for them to make money. I don't think that it's a good motivation to learn English and it proves to be not that effective. Those who sees English merely as a tool don't have the kind of constant impetus to push them forward.

A saying goes like that, "Interest is the best teacher." Those who are proficient in English are usually interested in it. If you really love something, you may spare no efforts to pursue it and seeks no financial return.

I'd like to share some of my personal experience in learning English. I found that a good way to expand my vocabulary is to read English news. China Daily website is good place to visit. To improve my learning comprehension, I usually listen to BBC or CNN radio online during my lunch break. I'm also a big fan of Crazy English Reader, a very good English magazine.

Hope my personal experience does some help. Could you tell me your QQ?
Report cody160 2014-2-11 17:23
BellaJiang: Hi,nice to meet you too.yeah ,i'm working in SZX.So what do you do?Im a  logistic specialist.
I'm a programmer working in Nanshan Techonology Park... What are your hobbies? I like reading, traveling, singing, doing all kinds of sports etc.. How about you? Hope to share my interests with you.
Report cody160 2014-1-25 12:16
Hi, Bella..Nice to meet you here. I've read your blogs and you expressed your thoughts to improve your english. Me too, hope to improve my english and find some friends here. From your Chunyun story, I happened to know that you're also working in Shenzhen. Me too, now working in shenzhen. Hope to chat with you soon.
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      • What do you think anout China Customs 2014-2-17 14:33

        I am also involved in Import Export and agree that the customs take too long to do everything, the main problem they have is that their systems are very outdated and need modernisation. I find a personal visit the Customs office at the port speeds things up

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        Scalpers are terrible,we have no idea about them.But at last i got two tickets to go home on 28th Jan.Tks for your attention.

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