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Share I'm a loser
2014-7-8 16:52
Today ,I read an article what i wrote in English.Many wrong grammer and words make me very disappointed.I just viewenglish as a useful tool.I never spend much time on English.Maybe i'm not love it.But why can't i insist on always?I have no words to express myself.I don't how to do.Maybe i'm a loser.
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Share Job pressure
2014-1-11 11:37
Today Im not happy because of my work.Thereare some problems.One of my colleauge loves to poke her nose to someone's business.And she also like to be a tattletale.Originally it is a small problem ,our department can deal with it ourselves.But now the boss have knew it.My leader found it was difficult to tell with the boss,hard to explain Why does she do like that ?At beginning I thought she was care about me and the solution.But I was wrong obviously.Sh ...
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Share What do you think anout China Customs
2014-1-10 18:00
I am working in a trade company .And Im a logistic specialist. We main purchase goods and export to abroad.So sometimesI need contact with China Customs.Today one shpt was detained because of something wrong with one conduct's model.My supplier forger to print the model on the package .I think that is not a big problem.We can apply for changing customs declaration. But it has 15 working days.So long ,and will delay in delivery of cargo. I export the shpt by express.why does the customs ne ...
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Share Purchase tickets online in China
2014-1-8 16:21
Now the hot topic is purchasing tickets in China. It's very very hard to succeed .So many people go home ,little tickets to buy.
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Share Year of 2014 is coming
2013-12-31 13:45
The last day in 2013,I got a bad cold with headaech and a sore throat. And i have no energy for my job.I just want to sleep in my bed.You know,many people are easy to get cold in the dry and wet seasons .Now i will say goodbye to 2013 with sick. I did some important things in the year of 2013.First,I buy a house in SHENZHEN ,and i have already live there. My husband and Ibecome one of mortgage slave. The housing loan is a big pressure for us .Anyway ...
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Share How to improve my English ?
2013-12-19 09:53
I'm a English learner,i hope i can make many friedns here.Would u like to be my chat friend?
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      • What do you think anout China Customs 2014-2-17 14:33

        I am also involved in Import Export and agree that the customs take too long to do everything, the main problem they have is that their systems are very outdated and need modernisation. I find a personal visit the Customs office at the port speeds things up

      • Purchase tickets online in China 2014-1-10 13:19

        Dr.Bill.Shen: Pls watch CCTV report on why ticket scalping is still rampant. "Usurping Software" is ridiculously powerful. Listen to this : it generates I ...
        Scalpers are terrible,we have no idea about them.But at last i got two tickets to go home on 28th Jan.Tks for your attention.

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