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Share An embarrassing experience
alyssadeng 2014-11-24 00:28
In our social life, embarrassing experiences inevitably happen to us, among which the one lingers on my mind when I first saw the topic, which occurred in summer holiday. On that day, the wind was blowing in such a strong way that I had to squint and hardly walked in the street straightly and steadily. Therefore, it’s doubtless that one bicycle placed in front of a nearby market fell down violently and made out noisy sound, which turned out to be damaged chain of i ...
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Share My cellphone
alyssadeng 2014-11-14 22:48
My cellphone is regarded as both a valuable tool and a secret lover to me. Honestly speaking, there is no difference between mine and others’ cellphone in terms of its function and appearance, but not every individual who could afford to buy one makes a good investment on it. First of all, it’s a universal knowledge that cell phone could yield conveniences to us, which include that it not only enables us to keep frequent contacts with our relatives and friends, but it offers us a ...
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Share A Heroic Deed
alyssadeng 2014-11-7 16:03
A Heroic Deed
Heroic deeds,no matter how they are major or minor, happen frequently in our daily life if we keep careful observations. Personally speaking, heroic deeds in my view aren’t always the kind of rescuing people from unexpected fire or even accidentally sacrificing himself for the sake of others’ life. As a freelance photographer, I have witnessed and added those pictures of illustrating heroic deeds into my albums. The following is one of my description of a real heroic deed that I ...
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