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A Heroic Deed

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   Heroic deeds,no matter how they are major or minor, happen frequently in our daily life if we keep careful observations. Personally speaking, heroic deeds in my view aren’t always the kind of rescuing people from unexpected fire or even accidentally sacrificing himself for the sake of others’ life. As a freelance photographer, I have witnessed and added those pictures of illustrating heroic deeds into my albums. The following is one of my description of a real heroic deed that I have ever seen.
   One day I passed by a store selling ice-cream for three citizens including a comparatively younger woman dressed in fashionable clothes who was carrying her sling bag with exquisite decoration casually. In other words, you could recognize her as a rich from the first impression. As I was ready to take a photo for her without her permission, all of a sudden, there rushed out a vagrant who grabbed the costly bag successfully. After we involving the woman came to realize that, we took joint efforts to pursue him, on the route of chasing, the moment he was ready to escape rapidly in a park a hero showed up unexpectedly. The hero I was referring to was a middle-aged man who was sitting on a bench for resting himself .He succeeded in stumbling the robber with his long-enough umbrella with consciousness. Therefore, the robber fell down, and we quickly run to take him over control .Consequently, we handed the robber over to the police. Thanks to the strange man, this woman got her purse back with relief , all of us on the spot gave praises and applause to the brave man owing to his heroic deed.
   In the final analysis, I consider that those deeds which tend to protect interests of ordinary people are great and heroic. From a heroic deed, we could conclude that everybody has an option to be a hero and heroic deeds could be very close to us.

this is the related piture

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