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Share Chinese lessons for America: FT commentator
2013-1-9 16:14
Chinese lessons for America: FT commentator
The idea of ‘learning’ from China’s politics is almost taboo, given the US’s reverence for its constitution By Gillian Tett (FT) A s 2013 gets under way, a striking statistic hangs over California. In 2011 the state spent about 7.5 per cent of its budget on its sprawling network of public schools. But it also spent 11 per cent on its prison system. Yes, you read that correctly: the US’s so-called “Golden State” is now devoting mor ...
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Share What People Who Live to 100 Have in Common
2013-1-8 19:16
A growing number of Americans are living to age 100. Nationwide, the centenarian population has grown 65.8 percent over the past three decades, from 32,194 people who were age 100 or older in 1980 to 53,364 centenarians in 2010, according to new Census Bureau data. In contrast, the total population has increased 36.3 percent over the same time period. Centenarians in the United States are considerably different from the overall population . Here's a look at some of the characteri ...
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Share How Brain Training Can Make You Significantly Smarter
2013-1-8 10:23
As many people hit middle age, they often start to notice that their memory and mental clarity are not what they used to be. We suddenly can't remember where we put the keys just a moment ago, or an old acquaintance's name, or the name of an old band we used to love. As the brain fades, we euphemistically refer to these occurrences as "senior moments." While seemingly innocent, this loss of mental focus can potentially have a detrimental impact on our professional, social, and ...
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Share Little hope for gun control in US (listening practice 1)
2013-1-6 20:40 Reflecting on the recent tragedy in Newtown in the United States and my many years in China, I can definitely conclude that one of the most comforting aspects of living in Beijing is the physical safety people enjoy here. Perhaps with the exception of crossing the street or driving here, which is admittedly always frightening and frequently potentially life threatening, people don't need t ...
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Share Good book recommendation: A complain-free world
2013-1-6 20:33
Good book recommendation: A complain-free world
I finished reading the book two weeks ago and now I pick up some paras from time to time to deliberate them. It's a book worth reading and a book has changed my life in my opinion. Thus here I recommend you to read it. You could log onto its website to find more about it. If you are in your low time and find no happiness in your life, then it's the book you need to read.
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Share My blog for 2013
2013-1-6 20:26
This year could be a watershed for me as big challenge ahead. In the past year, 2012, too many things have happened in my life, I could have time to summarize them. For the upcoming year, First goal for me is to balance the job and the life. Second, adjust myself to new fiscal situation since I have to pay off mortgage debt each month. Third, change my attitude towards job and life, get rid of the complaining habit and find ways to live as a optimist instead of a pessimist. Hope I could ...
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  • Spring snow in Beijing 2013-3-31 00:19

    huaren2323: Thanks Desperado123. Looks peaceful and white....must be difficult to get out of parking and drive in smaller streets with wet snow.

  • How to say No to other people 2013-3-23 16:02

    'No' is the word we must use to protect ourselves
    Now i am going to be 30,and start to say no...not too late I hope

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