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Nothing gonna change my love for life ~~~Never and ever set limits ~~~
2017-12-6 14:14:01 Reply
Hope it's a new start~~
2017-6-19 14:40:57 Reply
Am I too impulsive ? Suddently decided to take a trip to Xi'an this weekend.
  • 1105852048: Sometimes, being impulsive is good for us. Life means to be enjoyed, not planned to the tiniest detail (6-24 00:57)
  • Cher123: yep, especially for trips which need the spur of the moment (6-24 15:37)
  • Ashikujaman: Anyway, Have a good and safe journey! (1-5 16:32)
2015-10-28 16:33:20 Reply

What you are , so is your world !

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  • How to continue this relationship 2016-7-8 07:01

    It takes courage to share about one's very personal journey in a relationship. it is never easy, some work some don't. some may last forever some just but a moment. you are right in saying we should enjoy the journey and not be too focused on the final destination as who knows where it'll go in the end? :)

  • How to continue this relationship 2015-12-23 15:15

    Say goodbye needs bravery. When it is the right time to do it, make up your mind and just do it.  In this way maybe you'll get relieved.

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