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Share The harmony and spirit need to spread
KIyer 2015-6-5 11:24
Most Indians know that two of the most popular and soulful renditions of Hindu devotional songs in Indian movies, were composed, set to music and sung by Muslims. There is a historical movie about a singer called 'Baiju Bawra', a Hindu singer who performed in a competition against the most famous singer in the court of a Mughal emperor. There are two songs which are considered the epitome of perfection in Hindu devotional songs anytime, anywhere. These are dear to the heart of ...
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Share Why kids of Indian origin tend to do well in English spelling bees
KIyer 2015-6-3 07:11
It is indeed an ironic phenomenon we see - kids of Indian origin doing well in English spelling bees. The strange thing about Indian language and scripts is that one could not have a spelling bee in any of them. They are truly phonetic and words are written exactly one way, and it is dictated by how it is pronounced. The moment someone pronounces a word, it can be written down in a unique way by the sounds. Most Indian languages and scripts are derived from the basic principles of Sanskrit. ...
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Share Why many Asian Americans miss out on Ivy League schools?
KIyer 2015-5-26 07:47
Why are so many Asian Americans missing out on Ivy League schools? I have mentioned this issue of how sophisticated discrimination is instituted in Institutions of higher learning where supposedly merit should be the only criteria. If they apply ANY criteria of merit, not only just academic scores but include extra curricular activities, local history, language skills etc, even then the proportion of Asian origin students would be much higher. So the process of selection becomes less an ...
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Share Solution to picture puzzle
KIyer 2015-5-23 10:51
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Share Winning Hearts Between Countries.
KIyer 2015-5-21 08:00
This is how it still is, even if it is not reported often. More such cases need to be reported and goodwill between people enhanced. It happens a lot around the world. Do you know of any such? Pakistani heart patient saved by Indian doctors: report. From 'The Dawn' Pakistani news website, 20 May 2015 A Pakistani national was given a new lease on life by Indian doctors who performed a risky heart surgery on him at Bandra's Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai. ...
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Share Can you guess what this is a picture of?
KIyer 2015-5-21 07:10
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Share Trading Values - India and China
KIyer 2015-5-14 09:19
I hope that this visit of Mr. Modi's visit to China will be a significant milestone when one looks back at it as history, sometime in the future. While there will be media coverage and this will be in the public consciousness for a while, that will pass. The real effects and significance of such visits and exchanges should be felt and observed in the changes that take place afterwards. Hopefully, the time frame for many changes to occur will be relatively short in historical terms.&n ...
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Share Make Tomorrow's History Today
KIyer 2015-5-14 09:18
The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, is visiting China this month. On such occasions we often find people making references to visits by Chinese monks - Fa Hien and Hieun Tsang, to India over a thousand years ago. Those are historical facts whose significance becomes evident after the passage of time. It takes time for changes to occur from the first intial contacts and transfer of ideas and thoughts. They can be powerful and very significant in scale over a period of time. Loo ...
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Share Life's non-contradictions -You are special, you are not!
KIyer 2015-5-8 08:43
Your family and friends tell you - "You are unique. You are important. You can make a big difference. You the very meaning of life to me. You are the most important person in my life. Every little thing you do can change the world. We are privileged to be born as human and are closest to God's own image. Never forget, how signficant you are to us all, to the world. You mean the world to me. YOU are SPECIAL." There are others and nature who tell you - "You are just like everyone else. You ...
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Share Flat, Fair, Fixed Tax - The Best For Honest Capitalism
KIyer 2015-5-2 16:22
At the outset, I would like to reiterate that I believe a combination of socialist and capitalist policies is the best for a human society to thrive and prosper. In the capitalist area of this society, I want to outline my idea of an ideal and fair tax system. Firstly, I would like to address the capitalistic portion as it relates to the socialist portion. One necessity for addressing the some of the socialist portions of a good society would be for th ...
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