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Share Saving Face or Saving A$$?
KIyer 2015-8-12 09:27
It is true that 'saving face' is an important part of the Asian psyche, not just in China or Japan. It is true in India too. There is a saying or lament in India that if someone does something bad enough to be ashamed, it raises the questions 'How will we show our faces to people?', or 'How can we show our faces again in society, if people come to know of this?'. There are other expressions 'We will no longer be able to show our faces to people, or people who know us.' I can well relate t ...
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Share Star Bloggers: Invite Chinese Stars to Blog on CD
KIyer 2015-8-11 08:16
It would seem appropriate that CD invite Chinese who are 'stars' in their own field and well known in China, to blog here on CD. Those that are proficient in English can easily do so. CD staff can help translate for those who are not quite so comfortable in English. I believe it will add value, attract and motivate a lot of Chinese who are learning English and also show case some of the best talents in China to the world from this wonderful window that CD is. Why only Chinese stars, when possib ...
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Share Race Relations - From the other's viewpoint
KIyer 2015-8-7 08:05
I was encouraged to write this by a White European member of this forum, based on a reply to a post I made a while ago. A while ago, a member of this forum articulated what appeared to be a legitimate expression of concern for the future of members of his race and associated culture. His fear was that white people would become minorities in their own nations and that they are being unfairly treated and blamed for all ills and misfortunes of other races. Yes, it certainly c ...
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Share Classical Ancient Indian 'Rap' Music from over a thousand years ago
KIyer 2015-7-16 17:49
From the Wikipedia, we see the following definition of this form of music. " rap music,is a music genre consisting of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted " Wikipedia also gives us the following information. " Rapping (or emceeing, MCing, spitting bars, or rhyming) is "spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics". The components of rapping include "content", "flow" (rhythm and rhyme), and "delivery". Rapping & ...
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Share The Times We Live In
KIyer 2015-7-10 08:30
Long, long ago, there was a time when - 1) Kings or small lords ruled the roost in most places around the world. 2) Some were good, some were not. 3) Those that were leaders or the real powers usually spoke what they thought - good or evil. They did what they thought or said. Their thought, words and actions were all aligned and consistent with each other. 4) One could easily tell who was the the real power in any society - they wore a crown, or made pronouncements of pol ...
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Share When truth and facts become enemies
KIyer 2015-7-2 07:57
I saw an interesting thread about why someone thinks some culture 'hates' science. Science in itself is worthy for the process it recommends or demands, not necessarily the end results. Most scientific work, at the end produce only theories or hypothesis that explain some observed facts or truths, often only to a close approximation. Only in the area of mathematics, it produces absolute everlasting truths that we can know for certain, but not so in other areas. The scientific process is ob ...
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Share Is It A Good Life?
KIyer 2015-6-30 12:21
The Four Purposes Of Human Life Almost all of us have heard of the question - "What is the meaning of life?" - We are supposed to contemplate this when we are 'starting to live consciously' and have a good stretch of life to look forward to. Another closely related question is the same in essence but one which we would typically ask at the end of our life or when someone's life has ended - "Was it a good fulfilling life?" or "Was This Life Worth It?" According to a philo ...
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Share Political Correctness and Freedom of Expression - What about a good joke?
KIyer 2015-6-23 06:58
There is a joke making the rounds of political circles around the world. It has that wickedly funny element of truth to it even when looked at from various sides. It does not even have to personally offensive to the person it is about - the current President of the USA. "Question: Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Answer: Black and weak" The wife of an Israeli minister has apologized publicly for passing on the joke to her Twitter following. This is truly a strange situation - p ...
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Share Cheating, Cunning, Lies and 'Being Clever/Smart' - Small Scale or Large Scale?
KIyer 2015-6-21 11:06
Disclaimer: This will probably be one of my most politically incorrect posts ever, if one goes by the number and range of people who might be offended by or take offense at it. Please keep in mind that even if one takes this seriously, it should be taken as just one person's purported opinion. I am just taking my own personal, statistical observations and opinions and stretching them a bit too. I can claim some fair degree of exposure to both economically under ...
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Share State of politics in Australia. How is it where you live?
KIyer 2015-6-15 09:23
The Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey recently said that house prices in Australia and particularly in Sydney are 'affordable' and the first step for any Australian to do so would be to 'get a job that pays good money', as if it is an easy straightforward thing to do. Even the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia thinks Sydney house prices are 'crazy'. Other state capitals are not far behind. Here is an open letter a working mother from Victoria, Australia wrote to the Treasurer. On ...
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