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Share Puzzle: Fair division among equally loved ones
KIyer 2015-10-17 08:45
There is a famous story of a man who had two children. He loved them both equally and wanted to divide his property and wealth fairly and evenly between the two when he died. They were always fighting and competing with each other and complaining that he was partial towards the other, even if he tried to be fair. He wished they would be able to come to an agreement between themselves on a fair division without any reason to complain that one of them got a better deal. So, he came up with ...
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Share Should Gandhian philosophy be taught in schools in the USA?
KIyer 2015-10-12 19:48
Considering the culture that worships violence, the easy access to handguns and frequent shootings in the USA, would it not be a good idea to teach the students Gandhian values of non-violence early on in Primary and Secondary schools as part of the regular curriculum? Of course, other countries too could do this, but it appears the USA would clearly benefit from such. What do you think?
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Share So, What About YOU?
KIyer 2015-9-25 17:43
Mozart, Beethoven - Music Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo - Art Chen Ning-Yang, Isaac Newton - Physics Liu Hui, Gauss - Mathematics Li Na, Roger Federer - Tennis Yao Ming, Michael Jordan - Basketball Confucius, Lao Tzu - Wisdom You - WHAT?? Michael Schumacher - Car Racing Mohammed Ali - Boxing Liu Xiang, Usain Bolt - Athletics Bruce Lee - Martial Arts Dolly Parton, Beyonce - Beauty and Music Kim Kardashian - Rear ...
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Share When You Set Out To __, Be Prepared To __
KIyer 2015-9-23 13:59
When you set out to love, Be prepared to be disappointed When you set out to help, Be prepared to be declined When you set out to do good, Be prepared to be vilified When you set out to live, Be prepared to die Because, you do not know everything and everyone out there. But don't let it stop you. Go on, anyway - try to love, help, do good or live! When you set out to win, Be prepared to lose When you set out to conquer, Be ...
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Share Lies, Statistics and Politics
KIyer 2015-9-9 10:01
I suppose many of us have heard of the saying Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics in referring to the various degrees of lies. It is perhaps fitting that politicians quote statistics, often s-e-l-e-c- tively and reveal their true mindset. When it comes to pollution of the environment due to wasteful human consumption, Australia with its low population emits a small percentage of the whole. However, if measured per capita - it ranks as one of the top polluters. Our esteemed Prime Minister ...
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Share In Machine We Trust
KIyer 2015-9-4 07:32
There is a well-known saying written on the currency of the USA - "In God We Trust". I find this a bit odd since the founding fathers of that nation have been quoted as saying that their nation and government were in favour of separtion of church (really ANY religion) and state. Atheists apparently enjoy the same rights as believers of any religion in the USA according to the constitution. Well, it may have been a sign of the times that someone in the government of th ...
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Share Armed and Disarmed
KIyer 2015-8-29 11:54
For a good society, there needs to be a proper balance of arming and disarming the people in it. The constitution of the USA arms its citizens with certain inalienable rights - the right life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, - the right to truthful information about the functioning of the governement - the right to bear arms to defend their constitutional and legal rights It requires a balance and it is expected that the elected representatives keep the cit ...
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Share Are Western students 'Little Emperors'at school ?
KIyer 2015-8-25 09:18
Are Western school students treated like 'Little Emperors' at public schools? The recent Bohunt experiment in the UK would appear to suggest so. What do you think?
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Share Saving Face or Saving A$$?
KIyer 2015-8-12 09:27
It is true that 'saving face' is an important part of the Asian psyche, not just in China or Japan. It is true in India too. There is a saying or lament in India that if someone does something bad enough to be ashamed, it raises the questions 'How will we show our faces to people?', or 'How can we show our faces again in society, if people come to know of this?'. There are other expressions 'We will no longer be able to show our faces to people, or people who know us.' I can well relate t ...
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Share Star Bloggers: Invite Chinese Stars to Blog on CD
KIyer 2015-8-11 08:16
It would seem appropriate that CD invite Chinese who are 'stars' in their own field and well known in China, to blog here on CD. Those that are proficient in English can easily do so. CD staff can help translate for those who are not quite so comfortable in English. I believe it will add value, attract and motivate a lot of Chinese who are learning English and also show case some of the best talents in China to the world from this wonderful window that CD is. Why only Chinese stars, when possib ...
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