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Share My Treatise On Gun Culture In The USA
KIyer 2017-10-6 10:53
The 'gun culture' in the USA evolved at a time when people still followed a natural history of human/animal violence - the only difference being that guns were introduced. Previously, when someone had a beef with someone else in society, they went and confronted that person directly if they wanted to they could get justice peacefully. If not they would sort it out violently, but still between themselves or closely so. They could be challenged to a physical combat (as animals do). Weaker persons ...
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Share Our Worst Enemies And Best Friends
KIyer 2017-10-6 09:30
When I think about it, most of humanity's advantages, privileges and deepest miseries stem from an assumption of superiority over the rest of nature. Sooner or later, this placing of our whims over other's needs was bound to encroach into our view of 'other' humans too that we see as different. Our own worst enemies will always be ourselves - humans. For humans, their worst enemy is always another human, while their best friend may or may not be a human. For all other creatures, their worst en ...
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Share 5 minutes after your birth
KIyer 2016-1-7 17:18
"5 minutes after your birth, they decide your name, nationality and religion and you spend the rest of your life defending somethings you didn't choose." Loved reading this, on the Internet from
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Share What are your favourite proverbs?
KIyer 2016-1-6 08:03
Proverbs usually have some long standing basis in wisdom and a particular culture. Often we are struck with the similarity of different cultures since they have different proverbs for the exact same human experience. They convey the true meaning and wisdom with a 'punch' or 'kick' or with a flavouring that makes them so appealing. Using one in the right circumstances is one of the highlights of human communication. They usually have something unique and attractive, about them, they often rhyme ...
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Share How the USA earned the 'leadership of the world' - The Four 'A's
KIyer 2016-1-3 11:54
Much has been written about the negative manner in which the USA has achieved global dominance. It has not all been in a negative manner. There has to be and has been positive ways in which it has achieved the positive aspects of its current status over many decades, particularly since the beginning of the last century. These have been so positive that they have overcome and overridden the negative aspects and still gives it the edge going into the future. This is my personal take on this ...
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Share Sometimes laughter and tears are two sides of the same coin
KIyer 2016-1-3 07:00
Sometimes laughter and tears are the two sides of the same coin. Normally, when we come across events they make us smile or laugh (associated with happiness), or move us to tears (associated with sadness). This is in simple situations. When it gets a bit more complex, there are tears of joy which are a different thing, but something we can all relate to. There is, similarly, laughter of sadness too. When one often cannot do much about something very sad and tragic that we cannot repress a re ...
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Share Summer Rain on Someone's Parade - Contrasting Metaphors
KIyer 2015-12-25 07:55
The Earth is parched and scorched in the merciless sun. The sky has been cloudless or sometimes an odd, isolated cloud floats in the vast blue ocean that is the sky. It is a bit of divine teasing. Heat and dust is everywhere around. Not enough water to drink, bathe, cook, wash clothes and clean. People are looking dirty, raggedy and 'hot under the collar', which literally develops a dark, almost black ring of smear from a mixture of sweat and dirt in the air within a few hours of taking a show ...
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Share The Only Place...
KIyer 2015-12-24 14:13
I would reckon that most people live lives where they cannot speak out their mind easily, tell the truth as they see it, voice their opinions and thoughts freely without need to censor them or sugar coat them. I would wager that people sometimes have to 'agree' with their bosses or those that have considerable power and clout over them, even while disagreeing with them in their hearts. It is one of the ways to make sure the bills get paid, that they get to eat and to have some degree of comfor ...
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Share Getting away with it!
KIyer 2015-12-23 10:37
The phrase in the title means - someone did not face a consequence of their action or did not get a justified punishment for their wrong doing or crime.The phrase usually brings up in the mind a feeling that someone got away with something they should not have. It usually has a negative connotation to it. It implies justice has not been served or that injustice won. Look around you and observe. We constantly, regularly or frequently see people getting away with it. - Politicians get away wit ...
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Share A Word I hate From My Culture
KIyer 2015-12-15 17:39
It is common to see translations of words and phrases from different cultures often making their way into another language or even the original word itself. Most of them migrate with just one specific meaning associated with them, particularly if they have a strong connotation of being positive or negative. Examples are :- "Pariah", "Caste", "Leftover women". "Caste" was a word manufactured by Europeans to describe something found in Indian culture, but not quite accurately. It has become a c ...
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