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Share Opinion Without Thought
KIyer 2013-11-15 08:18
Too often we... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. John F. Kennedy
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Share Just Add Water…And Shake??
KIyer 2013-10-29 09:39
Just Add Water…And Shake?? If I told you that your child could have a toy that he or she would enjoy playing with very much, had the most marvelous latest technology and was state-of-the-art, it was centuries ahead of the old wooden or clay toy that our ancestors had, would you give it to your child? There is only one down side to this fabulous toy – if you just add water to it or shake it a bit, or a spark of fire hits it, it becomes a toxic mess, bursts, or catches f ...
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Share Naked Truth and Well-Dressed Lies
KIyer 2013-10-12 06:05
Truth is always standing before us, naked in its awful beauty, but we mostly prefer to see well-dressed lies.
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Share I Live On Two Streets
KIyer 2013-10-3 04:45
I Live On Two Streets In Alex, I live at the corner of two streets. I have gates to drive in from either street. I have two nature strips to mow and maintain. I have friends living on both streets. My official address is on one of them, but I feel I belong to both. I noticed this recently and it set me thinking. It is so apt. There are many other such features to me and my life. Sometimes there is pressure on me to proclaim my loyalty, belonging exclusively to one street, but I c ...
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Share The Nicest Things About: India
KIyer 2013-9-29 20:49
The Nicest Things About: India - Food. A staggering variety of tasty, nutritious range of food for all seasons from all the parts of the country. Something to suit all tastes, preferences - vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Delectable dishes that are visually tantalising, mouth-watering, a gorgeous riot of smells and tastes that tickle not just your tastebuds and make them dance, but your whole body is brought alive and feels thankful to be alive, just to experience the jo ...
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Share It Takes Many Kinds To Make It Beautiful
KIyer 2013-9-23 09:50
It Takes Many Kinds, To Make it Beautiful   It takes many kinds of trees to make a forest beautiful It takes many kinds of flowers to make a garden beautiful It takes many tastes to make a feast beautiful It takes many smells to make a bouquet beautiful It takes the sounds of many birds to make nature beautiful It takes many instruments to make a symphony beautiful It takes many streams to make a river beautiful ...
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Share Classic Quotes Modernised - The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword
KIyer 2013-8-23 06:55
I asked my children if they understood what was meant by the Classic Quote "The pen is mightier than the sword". I got back blank stares since my kids seem to have not much use for either pen or sword these days. So, I put it this way: What do you think of this, "The keyboard is more powerful than the missile" ? "AAaah!" they nodded.
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Share There is sadness behind many smiles and joy behind many tears
KIyer 2013-8-7 07:09
There is sadness behind many smiles and joy behind many tears.
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Share Raising a good child, raising a good nation and raising a good humanity, all nee
KIyer 2013-7-26 18:41
Raising a good child, raising a good nation and raising a good humanity, all need blood, sweat, tears and self-sacrifice.
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