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Share With apologies to William Congreve
KIyer 2015-4-29 07:57
Heaven hath no delights as a woman charmed, And Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
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Share Turning 18 in Australia - Drink and Vote
KIyer 2015-4-23 07:31
When an Australian turns 18, he or she can legally drink alcohol and legally vote in elections. While voting is compulsory, drinking is not. But this is how Aussies do it. Strictly in order, drink first and then vote. One turns 18, elections come up. One drinks until some candidate or their policies start to look appealing and casts one's vote before the effect wears off!. Maybe drinking should be compulsory too! More countries need to adopt the Aussie model of democracy a ...
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Share Chutzpah - Do you see it?
KIyer 2015-4-19 16:21
This is a word I find very interesting. It is quite commonly practised all over the world, but particularly more so in the Western countries that I have lived in. From young immature teenagers to old 'mature' politicians, they constantly remind us of it in one form or another. Of course, we are all a bit desensitized through its overuse. But if we pause to think about many things people say, in calm reflection, we realize this is more prevalent that we believed it to be. I believe it ...
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Share Ownership vs Control - What exactly do you have over your wealth?
KIyer 2015-4-16 08:08
Ownership and Control: These are two different concepts. By these terms I mean legal ownership and legal control. In an intuitive and traditional sense, ownership implied the highest level of control that someone had over something. This is no longer true. People have always have had or sought control over things they did not own, or things they owned partly. The often less discussed aspect to ownership is the responsibility that comes with it. It is the highest level of ...
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Share Who Owns What In China? Is It Wealth?
KIyer 2015-4-4 17:11
Continuing the series of posts about wealth and what it really means, this is a post that deals with issues of 'ownership'. I define 'ownership' today as a set of legal rights humans have over something. It can be tangible or intangible. Some of it might constitute wealth. Modern ownership, that I refer to, precludes ownership of other humans. Not so long ago, it was allowed and has now been outlawed supposedly by the abolition of human slavery. We are allowed to 'own' oth ...
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Share Telling a long story with few words - Country Music Lyrics
KIyer 2015-4-1 12:05
If you are a beginner writing in English, I write this post to welcome you to a new path to explore. It might show you a way to tell a longer story with very few, but effective words. If you are already proficient in English, you might still enjoy looking at something that you are already familiar with, from a new angle. In learning to write in any language, it is more than just translating words from one to another. In every language, in every country over a long perio ...
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Share What Will The Future Wealth Of China Be?
KIyer 2015-3-28 12:27
What will the future wealth of China be? Who will create it? Who will own it? This is a continuation of my previous post about tangible and intangible wealth, titled 'What are we willing to pay for?' I define 'wealth of an individual/society' as 'the ability to afford to buy outright Goods and Services in addition to the Goods and Services already owned outright.' This excludes the false notion of wealth that can come about by possession of a large n ...
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Share What Are The Chinese Willing To Pay For?
KIyer 2015-3-24 08:13
Do we value intangible wealth? It has been my observation that the majority Asians are quite willing to pay for material goods that represent wealth. Many (not all) however are reluctant to pay for quality services or intangible wealth, with the exception of paying for brand names and the prestige associated with them. I have seen this first hand among Indians, especially the newly rich in India. Do you agree? What do you see around you? Background: Coming from a historical (man ...
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Share Do the Chinese need to be more assertive?
KIyer 2015-3-22 07:07
It has been my observation that in life and in discussions or debates Westerners have a good mix of attitudes. Even here on CD I find there is a good variety of Westerners in the way they conduct themselves - some are quiet and rarely get into an argument or confrontation, some are quiet and confident and will firmly stand by their view no matter how the others act, some are assertive and proactive and some are aggressive. Most will take the initiative in starting a thread, or putting fo ...
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Share The Nicest Things About: Australia
KIyer 2015-3-19 06:54
The Nicest Things About: Australia 1. Capable People - Most men and women are very capable in many life skills from cooking, organising, mechanical, automotive to gardening jobs.People have hobbies that require skill. Very independent and hard working nature. Very good at improvising and clever in setting up their surroundings and home. Perhaps this has to do with a long tradition of a vast land with sparse, small communities separated by great distances. 2. Acceptan ...
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