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Share Earliest Memories - Part 10 - The First Bombing Raid
2014-12-30 15:33
The First Bombing Raid Apparently some lines of supplies to the army at the border were being routed through the road in front of the little boy’s house as one among many. He remembered: The road started to get very busy during the night and early morning hours. Long convoys of army trucks, supplies, troops and all kinds of strange looking vehicles started to pass through. The trenches in front the house were dug and ready. The soil dug out was sometimes packed ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 9 - Munni Ki Neeli Chunni (Munni's Blue Scarf)
2014-12-29 09:16
Munni Ki Neeli Chunni (Munni’s Blue Scarf) The object of Harpreet’s affection was called Munni (little girl) by everyone in her family. It was a nickname she acquired at the age of two, when a friend of her father, from another state, visited them and called her ‘Munni’ before he knew her name. It stuck! Her official name was Varinder Kaur, by which outsiders addressed her. She was the youngest daughter of her parents. She was ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 8 - Bicycle, Blackouts, Radio Repairs and Trenches
2014-12-28 20:12
Bicycle, Blackouts, Radio Repairs and Trenches While ‘usual’ life went on in a modified manner, a new factor had crept into everyone’s life and started to assume big proportions. There was a local network developing between neighbours, linked by the civil defence organisers. A lot of trenches were being dug all around town for people to run to and take shelter during bombing raids. There were many dug along the road sides where there were no open drains, in e ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 7 - The First Big Fright
2014-12-27 18:56
The First Big Fright In preparation for the war coming to their area, people adopted new routines. Normally, all the children played outside on the street, alley ways, any vacant ground or area, backyards, front yards and inside the houses of their friends. If a parent came out of their house and yelled out their names, someone would hear it if they child were not nearby. By word of mouth the call would be relayed and reach the child wherever they were, often quite ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 6 - Life Before War, Air Raid and Preparations
2014-11-16 17:42
Life before the war The little boy’s sister was five year old and there was a kindergarten nearby. She was enrolled and went there a few days of the week. He remembered: His sister acted all grown up. She was going to school, while he was still at home. A man pulling a rickshaw would come in the mornings to pick up his sister and take her to school. There would be a few other little children already in the rickshaw. The rickshaw pull ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 5 - Somethings In The Air
2014-10-29 06:32
Somethings In The Air The road across from the little boy’s house used to be usually full of pedestrians, a few lorries (trucks) carrying supplies to and from local markets, rickshaw pullers and light traffic of bicycles, motorcycles, cars and buses. It was a common sight in the daytime to see vegetable vendors pushing their carts and loudly calling out to their customers in their homes, on their front porch or balconies or windows, bargaining with them o ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 4 - The Radio
2014-10-19 17:15
THE RADIO The little boy’s family did not have a radio. They were expensive to own then. There was a license fee to pay every year too. The family that owned their house owned one. There were a few others in the neighbourhood too who were proud owners of a radio set. Perhaps to accommodate the older, nearly deaf persons in their family OR as a way of helping their poorer neighbours, they all usually played their radios loud. The little boy could hear many radios pl ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 3. The Build-Up To War
2014-10-13 07:35
The Build-Up To War There was a war approaching. Pakistan was just across the border, quite close to where they lived. Preparations were afoot on both sides. There would be not much time to react. The local civil wardens had gone around, asking people if they wanted to evacuate to safer places further inland. Many went to their villages, but most city dwellers decided to stay put. They did not want to leave their houses and possessions or friends or had nowhere else ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 2
2014-10-11 21:12
He remembered. - On some nights, when the young boy, his sister or mother was ill, they would eat in their own rooms. The teenage girls in the house-owners family would visit and help. They would play with the little boy and his sisters. They would sometimes learn a few words of their South Indian language and say something to tease them and have a laugh. The little boy and his sister picked up a lot of t ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 1
2014-10-5 19:48
Earliest Memories “Everyone has a story… to tell. And I want to tell you this one.” This is the story of a little boy from India, barely three years old. He is actually a grown old man now, still fancies and likes to think of himself as middle-aged, but this is from when he was a child, from his earliest memories that he can still recollect today in some detail. The following are the memories as recollected by this man. Many of the d ...
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    Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
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