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Share A Milestone!
2015-3-8 12:07
I get hand-me-down clothes from my son and they fit well. I just have to roll up the legs of the pants. He is much taller than I am.
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Share Life As It Flows By
2015-3-7 07:51
As the days slip by quickly, flowing swiftly like water in the creek near my house after rains, I don't seem to have time to pause and take a breath at leisure. It seems like an endless cycle of well known, familiar chores keep me moving like a programmed robot. This is life with school going children. There are routine chores - making breakfast, packing their lunches, driving to school, making their evening snacks, driving back, making dinner, helping with homework, driving them to th ...
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Share A USA policy maker's nightmare
2015-3-6 04:46
A policy maker from the USA had fallen asleep and had a dream. "The sun was shining in the clear blue sky. A gentle breeze was blowing. All was calm and peaceful in the world. Neighbours were getting along with each other, peacefully and lovingly. There was peace and friendliness between Arab and Jews, between Christians and Muslims, between Hindus and Muslims, between India and Pakistan, between China and India, between China and Japan, between China and Philippines, between Russia ...
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Share Goodness for Goodness's sake
2015-3-2 18:33
Teacher: "What is goodness in people?" Student 1: "When someone gives money to someone else in need, or helps them in times of trouble, we call their actions 'good deed'. It is supposed to reflect 'goodness' in the person." Teacher: "But is it really always so?" Student 2:"I reckon it should be. Isn't it always so, Teacher?" Teacher: "Ok! Lets take an example and study it. Can you tell me of an actual 'good deed' as you describe it and let's see if it indeed reflects goodn ...
Personal category: StoryTeller|603 views|0 comments Popularity 3
Share The Honest Romantic's Saga - Part 5
2015-2-16 05:48
Hearing that HRRomeo thought the list of expectations of man from a woman on the online website was 'good', Juliet and her friend’s jaws dropped open in apparent horror. HRRomeo did not seem to notice it. "What?" they asked in sync. Juliet’s friend continued, "You think it a good list? This is what a man seeks in a woman and it is OK in this day and age?" "Of course! It is a good list of capabilities for ANY day and age, isn’t it?" replied HRRomeo, "All the things one hopes ...
Personal category: StoryTeller|437 views|0 comments Popularity 1
Share The Honest Romantic's Saga - Part 4
2015-2-13 10:06
HRRomeo and his Juliet were visiting her best friend one weekend for dinner. Juliet was helping her find a match on this online dating site. They were, together, going over a list of profiles of men to narrow down the choices. After considering her experience so far, Juliet and her friends considered her something of an expert. Now, if you are wondering how Juliet and HRRomeo were still together after reading the previous part of this narrative, I am sure y ...
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Share The Honest Romantic's Saga - Part 3
2015-2-10 17:59
HRRomeo and his Juliet were at the anniversary party of their common friends. That couple had just gotten engaged. Everyone was sitting around the living room after a sumptuous dinner. Now, many of you might wonder how our HRRomeo and his Juliet were still together after reading the previous part of their story. Well, here is what happened at the dinner in the classy karaoke restaurant after we last left off. “So you would n ...
Personal category: StoryTeller|455 views|0 comments Popularity 1
Share The Honest Romantic's Saga - Part 2
2015-2-8 12:33
One evening, our Honest Romantic Romeo (henceforth abbreviated as HRRomeo) and his love were having dinner at a classy karaoke restaurant with other couples who were friends. It was meant to be a romantic weekend night for them together after a busy work week. Now, I suppose many of you are wondering how those two are still together after reading the previous part of the story. Perhaps you imagined that bit of honesty about her rear end would have been the ...
Personal category: StoryTeller|539 views|0 comments Popularity 1
Share The Honest Romantic's Saga - Part 1
2015-2-7 19:21
The Honest Romantic "Does my butt look big in this dress?" she asked her truthful, romantic partner who she had met online. She had clearly stated that honesty was an absolute necessity and a deal-breaker. She had ranked the requirement of his being 'romantic' fairly high. He had answered “Yes” on both counts. She saw he was looking at his mobile phone as she asked the question and it seemed he was busy and did not hear her qu ...
Personal category: StoryTeller|532 views|0 comments Popularity 2
Share Pakistani Poets Killing Lions
2015-1-29 09:02
If the title evokes mental images of poets in Pakistan going around like the British did in the Indian subcontinent in the past few centuries - packing guns, riding into the forests and killing hundreds of thousands of wildlife, helpless against weapons against which they really never had a chance - lions, tigers, deer, elephants, birds to bring back as trophies, then wipe them away. This article is not about such uncultured cruelty. This is ...
Personal category: StoryTeller|711 views|0 comments Popularity 3
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  • The Christmas Spirit 2019-8-18 08:34

    SEARU: Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
    In C ...
    thank you for your comment Searu! warm regards!

  • The Christmas Spirit 2019-8-16 15:42

    Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
    In China people waste too much money on friends who have to organize a banque at restaurant for kinds of reasons. (Such as kid‘s birth,  entering university or wedding, death of parent, and so on.)  I think colleagues should care and help each other with real heart that pure relationship can not be measured with banknotes!

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