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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 8 – The Surgery And Recovery
2015-5-5 09:52
Srini went into surgery, seen off by his kids, Molly and the twins and Dan. He sat with them in the waiting lounge, the twins were there too, walking around unsteadily, holding on to legs and tables. While they waited for Srini to be called in. Looking at the faces around he said quietly, “Look, I think the risks in this operation are minimal. Even if something went wrong, I would have no regrets if I did not make it through. I think I have attended to the most import ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 7 – Getting On
2015-5-4 09:08
Srini woke up when the phone rang at about 11am. He was still a bit groggy. He looked at his phone. It was Anita calling. He answered and she could tell he had been woken up late, probably by not getting to sleep early enough. She too had not slept well but was at work. Her boss had noticed something not quite OK with her and asked. Anita had told her. The boss had been very understanding and particularly appreciated her coming to work that day. She had offered her time off wor ...
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Share What will defeat Socialism and what will destroy Capitalism
2015-5-1 10:31
When I was a young teenager, growing up in India, I once visited an international exhibition. It had pavillions from countries all over the world. There were even representatives from those countries staffing their them. Some had translators, many did not. It was very popular in those days. We went with our families. In those days, when the Soviet Union was considered strong and was a friend of India, it naturally had a good sized pavillion showcasing its many republics. The pavillions of ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 6 - Breaking The News To The Kids
2015-4-30 14:20
Srini too went home. He lay in his bed, wondering if sleep would come early enough for him to be fresh and active the next day. If he stayed awake too late, usually, his next day was shot and he could not function properly. Normally, he would try to think and day dream his way to sleep with some soothing music playing. He did not try anything this night. Memories from his early childhood and parent came flooding in. He let them. He never realised when he drifted off to deep sleep. He woke ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 5 - Goals
2015-4-27 14:26
After dinner, Dan and Srini sat down in Dan's study, discussed and worked out the details of what Srini planned to do. He wanted to give his children half the value of a portion of his assets. He had confidence in his children that they would use it wisely. They were each working hard and trying to achieve financial independence. They never asked or asked to borrow money from him. He had watched carefully from a distance and often pitched in his 'gifts' in the most timely and a ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 4 - Why That Plan?
2015-4-26 09:27
Dan went over to the kitchen, Srini followed him. The task of getting the roast out and serving the meal gave Dan just the break he needed to compose himself and think. The two friends sat down to have dinner. Srini poured out the Chill-wine. Dan brought out one of his own favourite country wine that Srini too liked. They served the meal on the plates, sat down and ate quietly. Both were hungry and surprisingly the quiet helped them eat. Srini se ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 3 - The Plan
2015-4-24 09:57
That evening, he set out to visit Dan, with a bottle of his Chilli-wine with him. He drove his car up to Dan's street and parked it a little ways away from the house, where he could find some parking without a power line or tree directly over. The birds there were very well fed it seemed. Srini walked up to Dan's door and rang the bell. Shortly, Dan opened the door, smiling and welcoming him warmly. Srini handed him the bottle of Chilli-wine and they laughed. There were ma ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 2 - Taking stock
2015-4-22 13:04
Srini, walked over to his house. It was in a suburb bordering the city's business district. It was a small one and enough for his needs as he lived alone. There was an extra bedroom and study that often doubled as a bedroom when his daughter visited him. When more friends or family came to stay, they adopted the traditional Indian approach of all available rooms being converted into bedrooms for the night - women and children given the preferential bedrooms, men sleeping on couches or mat ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 1
2015-4-20 17:08
"How long do you think I have left?" he asked the doctor quietly, looking him in the eye. For a moment, it was the doctor who averted his gaze, picked up the report that he had just read from, glanced over it again, while tapping his pen with the other hand on his lap. He seemed to be thinking, making up his mind. In a couple of seconds he glanced up from the report, looked back directly at him, in his eyes and said,"I'd say about 18 months. I could be wrong, there have been ...
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Share Antrix - The Cast of Characters – Part I
2015-4-17 08:56
I am starting a new series of stories under the title of 'Antrix.' Before I get into the stories, here are the characters. Here is the first batch of them. There are more. I will present them first and then start the stories. -KIyer Minnie: When you first saw her you would probably feel like calling her 'Mini', as many really did. She was a very neat package, all trim and tidy. But the thing that would strike you was her size. She gave a feeling of being a miniatu ...
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    SEARU: Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
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  • The Christmas Spirit 2019-8-16 15:42

    Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
    In China people waste too much money on friends who have to organize a banque at restaurant for kinds of reasons. (Such as kid‘s birth,  entering university or wedding, death of parent, and so on.)  I think colleagues should care and help each other with real heart that pure relationship can not be measured with banknotes!

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