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Share PNC Shambhu - Early Years – Of Beards and Aunts
2015-11-15 17:21
Since innocence is strongly linked to political incorrectness, it is but natural that children, who are likely to be more innocent than most adults, will bring up more moments of PNC. Our Shambhu was and remains innocent in many ways that other adults are not. Even as a very young child, Shambhu was quite fond of hanging out with his father who usually maintained a neatly trimmed beard. Shambhu liked the feel of his chin and cheeks and often rubbed them with his tiny hands. His fa ...
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Share Viktor Frankl on the Human Spirit and Why Idealism Is the Best Realism
2015-11-10 14:24
I really liked the idea expressed in the following quotation from an article. From 'brainpickings' org website. How We Elevate Each Other: Viktor Frankl on the Human Spirit and Why Idealism Is the Best Realism “If we take man as he really is, we make him worse. But if we overestimate him … we promote him to what he really can be.” Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl (March 26, 1905–September 2, 1997) is a timeless testament to the luminous tenacity ...
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Share PNC Shambhu - Early Years - Pockets
2015-11-10 07:34
It is common in the Indian culture to observe a child closely and comment on its 'nature' from a very early age. The elders in the family and neighbourhood will often predict a certain future personality and a kind of future for the child when he/she is grown up. PNC Shambhu certainly gave some early indications to his parents and grandparents that they were blessed with a special child. But then, his family and friends did not quite 'get' him in the early years. Th ...
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Share Introducing PNC Shambhu
2015-11-9 08:42
Pattikonda Nageswarrao Chandrasekhara Shambhu was his full name. It required an extra line in his passport. It was similar to other names from where he hailed. At his school, university and work, he was called PNC Shambhu. Amongst his friends and in social circles, he earned the honorific and he came to be known as Politically-Not-Correct Shambhu. When he went abroad to work, he came to be known affectionately as 'Politically-Not-Correct Shambles' or just as 'Shambles'. It was ...
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Share Rose Bushes Saga
2015-11-8 18:51
Rose Bushes Saga It was spring then A long time ago There was the beloved You were there There was no rose bush I was poor, I had no house There was no rose I could not afford to buy you flowers One stray rose from next-door dared peep over the fence I stole one from the neighbour's bush No flower was safe from my seeking eyes ...
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Share Religious Deities And Their Followers' Lives
2015-10-31 13:36
I passed by a church and saw the image of a saint built into the walls. The image was of a simply dressed woman standing straight in a long robe, fully covering her form except for the face. It had a soft, pious expression. Inside, I saw the image of Jesus and other saints. Those were all similar too - a serious or slight smile in expression, sober or solemn in mood. The clothing and attire of all the deities were of a simple, muted colours that did stand out - they appeared a plain, off-wh ...
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Share Aussie Legend - Ron Barassi
2015-10-25 10:31
When my little son was starting out in primary school, he was swept into a passion for the Australian Rules Football, 'Footy' as they call it here. He joined his local club - virtually every suburb or town here seems to have a footy and cricket club. Since his best friend then was a supporter of one of the clubs, he too followed and insisted that all the rest of the family do so too. We all did. Even though we had no idea of the game and its rules or history then. We slowly started to kno ...
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Share The Homecoming - Chapter 3
2015-10-4 18:18
"Knock, Knock", the knocking sounded again, more firmly this time and brought him out of his sombre reverie. He composed himself for a second and walked over and threw the two unlocked doors wide open. His arms were open at his side from opening the two doors. They were ready as if to catch an angel. He stood there with a wide gentle, welcoming smile and a calm expression, but his hungry, thirsty eyes gave away some indication of the storm of feelings that was raging within. ...
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Share The Homecoming - Chapter 2
2015-10-4 09:32
The daughter was expected at about 8 o'clock. He showered as something stewed on the stove. He shaved and put on fresh clothes. He came back to the kitchen and as he cooked, he mentally went over the discussion with the counsellors about the first meeting. They had kindly and thoughtfully pointed out that youngsters might not be able to handle displays of intense emotion, especially by adults.The daughter would perhaps not understand his feelings as a parent until she herself become one a ...
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Share The Homecoming - Chapter 1
2015-10-3 17:57
He woke up early that morning, excited. He could not sleep well at all the previous night. His feelings were too many, too strong and kept him from simply relaxing and getting some much needed rest though he went to bed early. He felt like he could stay up and active and do anything he wanted to. He had so many plans and things to do once he woke up. It was about early morning around 4 am that he finally got into a deep sleep with a vivid dream. He woke up suddenly due to an involuntary r ...
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  • The Christmas Spirit 2019-8-18 08:34

    SEARU: Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
    In C ...
    thank you for your comment Searu! warm regards!

  • The Christmas Spirit 2019-8-16 15:42

    Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
    In China people waste too much money on friends who have to organize a banque at restaurant for kinds of reasons. (Such as kid‘s birth,  entering university or wedding, death of parent, and so on.)  I think colleagues should care and help each other with real heart that pure relationship can not be measured with banknotes!

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