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Share Damsel In Distress
2017-10-10 07:31
A damsel in distress I met one day Dishevelled, upon the ground she lay In a plaintive voice I heard her say "Sir, I've been through a lot and it was hell. I'll spare you the details and I won't tell." I helped her up, felt it was my duty I held her close, she was a beauty I built her up and gave her my heart Put her on a pedestal right from the start Soon I could not imagine us ever being apart I would do anything to see her smile I gave her a yard and she took a mile To figure her out it to ...
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Share The Sad Princess
2017-10-9 09:04
Her feet were completely off the ground They were high up in the air Always on a pedestal she could be found She had put herself up there .. On her head an imaginary crown Her self-esteem was really down Outwardly, she was haughtily frowning Inwardly, in misery she was drowning .. Putting on the airs of a Princess Royal She waited for him - a Prince who was loyal But she nipped the bud right at the start Whenever came along, a prince with heart .. 'The wait' she seemed to prefer To any real good ...
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Share Old Man And GenZ
2017-10-5 10:52
I'm over the hill, but tough as old leather Right now I'm feeling, a bit under the weather Usually, from within, I am 'centered' with age Yet I am now, beside myself with rage .. I was on my daily jaunt When I heard that silly taunt And saw the young man flaunt A flashy move that I just can't .. "Be careful, old man," the young buck said Almost knocked me over, on a skateboard he sped "Old??! Old man?!! Oh, how could he tell?" It was from anger that I shook and fell .. No manners, no patience a ...
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Share Dad's Life's Not a Bad Life!
2017-10-1 11:13
NOTE: The following poem is written as a double-ended rhyme. When any two lines rhyme, they will rhyme at both ends - at the beginning and the end. .. Seven days of work a week Heaven, a place of rest I seek My kids will keep me on my toes Eyelids will droop, when? no one knows .. Cooking up maybe five meals a day Say Dad! there is too much salt Looking up all the bills to pay Pray, when ever will these halt? .. Dry laundry and mostly on time Try to get it mostly free of g ...
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Share A Typical Day on ChinaDaily BBS
2015-12-31 09:38
USAnian: I am visiting China for the first time. It is mostly not as I was expecting to be. There are some really modern and beautiful parts of the city. There aren't thought and speech police at every corner telling people what to think and speak. None that I can see anyway. They must be quite discreet and hidden if they are there. However, I don't like the way the people crowd into public transport with little consideration for personal space. It is messy in the vegetable markets in th ...
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Share Fifty-Fifty
2015-12-30 08:55
Fifty-Fifty Setting: A big conference hall or small theater. Moderators are on stage or at the head of the table next to a large screen projection/Electronic Whiteboard. A group of men are seated on one side of the moderators and a group of women are seated on the other side. There is an audience seated and watching the whole discussion as it unfolds. Cast of characters: Moderators 1 and 2 (One female and one male), About ten ...
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Share Spice Up Life
2015-12-26 18:02
When I was a little kid growing up in India, we often moved between different states that each had atleast a different predominant language, a different cuisine and a different music, even though they all had many similarities too. I suppose I had a particularly sensitive sense of taste and did not like strong flavours. I could not stand the 'heat' of spices like chillies and cloves, the 'zing' of ginger, the sourness of tamarind, the 'sting' of mint and the strange bitterness of asafoetida am ...
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Share PNC Shambhu - Age and Weight
2015-12-12 17:58
When PNC Shambhu went to the USA for his graduate studies, he was still a young man, eager to learn and share insights about different places and people. He was very fortunate to get a 'host' family who kept a loving, watchful eye over him as part of a program arranged by his university. They introduced him to life in the new country. They sometimes took him in during holidays and occasions. It was a single parent family - a mother raising two adopted children. One of them happened to be ...
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Share The Purple Egg
2015-11-30 13:31
The Multibillionaire was on stage. He saw a sea of faces looking up to him from the crowded, large theatre. There was no standing room. It was packed to the rafters. The spotlight shone on him and the table in front of him. It shone on a large brown-coloured egg kept in an open, beautiful red velvet-lined tiny gold casket. The image of him, next to that of the brightly illuminated brown egg was projected on to a large screen display behind him and on large television screens all around th ...
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Share PNC Shambhu – Beautiful Beauticians
2015-11-22 15:00
It is truly said that The Lord above has a sense of humour. He has blessed those that say the most politically incorrect things with the loudest and clearest voice, one that can be heard above others and the surrounding noise. Our PNC Shambhu was one such recipient of The Lord’s blessings. When he was a grown adult, he was slightly deaf, which added a couple of notches on the volume settings his voice. He had a clear, deep, booming and loud resonant sound with South Indian accent in whic ...
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  • The Christmas Spirit 2019-8-18 08:34

    SEARU: Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
    In C ...
    thank you for your comment Searu! warm regards!

  • The Christmas Spirit 2019-8-16 15:42

    Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
    In China people waste too much money on friends who have to organize a banque at restaurant for kinds of reasons. (Such as kid‘s birth,  entering university or wedding, death of parent, and so on.)  I think colleagues should care and help each other with real heart that pure relationship can not be measured with banknotes!

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