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Share From Lion To Pussycat
KIyer 2020-5-24 09:05
It was my early days in Australia. I was in the hospital emergency room with my kid in Melbourne. He had been attended to and then discharged. It had been a long night and we were relieved knowing we could go home now. Since I had arrived in the ambulance with him the previous night, we were taking a cab back home. There was a phone booth near the entrance of the emergency room that one could use to call a taxi. I used it and booked one. They said it would arrive in about 5 minutes. Rath ...
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Share An Irrational Hostility Towards China
KIyer 2020-5-14 09:39
It is strange that there is such hostility towards a country that has provided and continues to provide plenty of ( increasingly, to now about 90%) of all the daily use products affordably to most of the world, by their people working hard, for low wages, for about the past 30 years! The hostility is due to this very reason that they do so!! What seems to be forgotten is that this dependence is one we have willingly cultivated, developed, engineered and participated in for over 30 years! ...
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KIyer 2020-5-6 13:12
(The most Charitable way of looking at the Covid-19 Response in the USA) It has been in the news recently from the people at the very top of the USA administration that the Covid-19 virus was circulating for many months in China before it was reported - apparently too late for the rest of the world to save itself the huge losses we see now. This is supposedly the basis for all sorts of claims against China. If the virus was indeed circulation 'months' (how many months befo ...
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Share Covid-19: Saving Faces and A$$es
KIyer 2020-5-1 12:25
It is amusing to see Western political talking heads constantly telling us with certainty and confidence how Asians leaders want to 'save face' and move on to patronizingly supposedly make allowances for them. This is often a way for the clueless or cunning politician from the West to deflect attention and responsibility away from themselves and appear to be 'liberal' and worldly wise. This is on display today in the issue of trying to pin the blame for Covid-19 response disa ...
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Share Beyond and After COVID-19
KIyer 2020-4-14 14:50
Seems like the millennials and the next generations in the Western and other 'advanced' nations will (have to) become more of producers and manufacturers than consumers as I used to fear.. Boundless opportunities abound...
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Share What now? Post Covid-19
KIyer 2020-4-8 07:38
It is obvious the world has changed. It is not just the Coronavirus that has us worried for our immediate survival. We are seriously worried for the times to come, post COVID-19, well after the novel Coronavirus has washed over us all, retreated or we achieve a sort of equilibrium with it, just like with so many other diseases and viruses. What seems to be fueling a lot of the worry, the anger, angst and venting in many 'advanced' countries, my own Australia included, seems to be rooted in ...
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Share The Weakness Of A Foundation Is Exposed In An Earthquake
KIyer 2020-4-5 12:33
The weakness of the existing system is usually exposed quickly when it comes under severe, sudden stress. This is what is happening to the world at large now. What seemed like it was all good, strong and thriving suddenly seems very vulnerable and collapsing. It is not that we did not know about the details, we just did not pay sufficient attention. It has been hubris. Now, we are all forced to look at our flaws and flawed systems honestly and address it. Those that do so and survive this c ...
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Share Human History - Before Corona and After Corona
KIyer 2020-3-28 10:46
This coronavirus will change so much about our way of life, so fundamentally. In the future, human history will be recorded as BC (Before Corona) and AC (After Corona). Stay strong and as safe as possible, friends. We live in interesting times. Love, -KIyer
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Share Indian Versus Western Adult Outlook
KIyer 2020-1-20 21:52
*Was discussing with my uncle from the USA today.* The adults in developed Western countries have mostly long invested in creating a system of honesty, meritocracy, organization, basic necessities of water, food, shelter, rule of law and individual freedom and choice, in which their children and future generations can get fairness, opportunities to rise economically almost without limits and a good life doing something that they are passionate about. They often used to 'pus ...
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Share Privileges Vs Entitlements
KIyer 2019-12-12 03:27
THE THINGS IN LIFE SN: WHAT WE WANT/NEED Feelings: System 1 Feelings: System 2 1 Mother’s Milk Grateful for privilege Entitled to as a Right 2 Father’s Love Grateful for privilege Entitled to as a Right 3 Food, ...
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