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Ann and Mary

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There were two girls who were siblings

They were so unlike each other

It was hard for anyone to believe

They were born of the same mother


One felt she was God's gift to the world

She was a stunning beauty

Every man around her little finger she twirled

To serve her was his duty


She looked like Aphrodite

She acted high and mighty

Her God-given assets, sure looked so fine

And over the years caused, countless hearts to pine


"I do deserve in life, nothing but the best

 I have no time at all, for all of the rest

I am worthy of the finest, any man can give

If he ever dreams that, with him I should live


I'm worthy of the best just being me

Would you just take a look?

I'm a Princess, can't you see?

Don't expect me to cook!


If any man expects, to have me at his side

He must be Adonis, and able to provide

A lifestyle that I expect

And the highest respect


He must be strong and gentle

And always very kind

Not quite sentimental

Or I might change my mind."


She was bewitchingly haughty

And enticingly naughty

To love her meant she be adored

Else she was too easily bored


If she dropped something, she waited for the man,

To pick it up off the floor for her

She would not stoop or stretch, she waited for the man

He had always had to open the door for her


Now, the other sister, Ann

She looked a little ordinary

She rarely caught the eye of a man

When she stood next to Mary


Ann had no airs about her

She really was quite simple

The only thing special about her

Was a tiny dimple


It graced her little chin

She wasn't very fair

She looked a bit too thin

And had mousy hair


Ann walked around, with an awkward gait

While hoity-toity Mary, strutted like a model

Mary had fancy curls, Ann a simple plait

Mary sang sweetly, Ann could only yodel


There was never very much

That Ann ever demanded

She accepted life as such

And she was left-handed


She worked hard for everything she had

She slaved away for years

And through the times both good and bad

She bravely hid her tears


Ann worked hard, yet often gave up

The things that she had earned

While Mary never had to save up

"Just Ask and Get" she learned


Yet, both deep in their hearts

For true love did crave

They each had many false starts

Could not find one so brave


Brave enough to commit for life

Brave enough to take them for a wife

The men that the sisters dated

Usually were soon intimidated


Some by the haughty beauty

Some by the plainness of Ann

There was not one among them

That was truly a worthy man


The years kept rolling by

And the girls were getting old

Just when it seemed, one might click

Someone's feet was getting cold


Until one day, along came

One rich handsome fellow

James Earl III was his name

He was by nature mellow


He worked as an engineer

A BMW was his carriage

His face had a permanent sneer

He was much sought in marriage


He was a most eligible catch

For all the girls in town

They all felt he'd be a perfect match

And this he had known


He went through dating them, one by one

But he was by nature wary

He barely escaped the clutches of one

When he started dating Mary


In first approaching him herself, Mary had condescended

As soon as she came to know, his previous love had ended

It seemed at first, he was a typical man

He attended to Mary and, mostly ignored Ann


He was quite nice, and polite to all

Though he did not talk very much at all

He seemed of a nature, quiet and deep

And his own counsel, he preferred to keep


He talked straight, and never did lie

Nothing ever seemed, to escape his eye

He was sure of himself, and in very good health

He was quite generous, but understated his wealth


Until now,  All of Mary's suitors

Really had to compete

To outdo each other in deeds

And lay great offerings at her feet


James however, seemed to take

An approach quite contrary

He seemed to be, in some rare moments

A male reflection of Mary


It drove her quite crazy sometimes, that she had to swallow her pride

If she ever wanted to make real, her dream of being his bride

She covered up her feelings, in fake and loud laughter

Just wait for the wedding, she figured,"I'll teach him a lesson after"


As soon as she felt that she had, their relationship in a groove

Mary wasted no time at all, in boldly making her move


She really did not want, this one to get away

She was quite determined, to have him - come what may


So, she cornered him, after dinner, late

One starry, moonlit night

Gave him an ultimatum for a wedding date

They got into a fight


The ease, calm and confidence with which

He dismissed her deadline

Brought out at that moment, her inner bit*h

Then she crossed the line


To his reasons she wouldn't listen

Her disappointment too great

Her eyes began to glisten

And her voice began to grate


She gave vent to her anger

And let loose with her tongue

Words that never crossed a lady's lips

She cared not if they stung


Now, James was quite shocked by this

But he still kept his cool

He realised that until now,

She'd played him for a fool


As her face flushed and turned quite red

He smiled calmly, laughed and said

"Girl, You sure are a cutie,

But for me, way too snooty.


Surely you shouldn't harry

The one you expect to marry

I thank you for all this, and I wish you well

For I know that you've saved, me from certain hell."


Mary stormed inside, ran to her room

Fire in her breath and eyes in tears

Shortly they all heard, James' car go vroom

She never saw him for a couple of years


And then in a few days,

The sisters parted ways

Each out on her own

But in the same town


To lead a spinster's life

Was the worst of all their fears

They hoped to become someone's wife

And thus spend their years


One day, Mary got a letter,

It was from her sister Ann

She wrote "My life's now better

And I have met this man.


I really have no idea,

How this relationship will go

If it gets serious,

I'll soon let you know."


A few weeks later, the postman brought,

Mary a lovely card,

Reading it, she became distraught

The news, to bear, was hard


"I'm getting married, to this lovely man.

I wanted you to know," wrote her sister Ann,

"He wants to wed me, and is really sweet.

He surely wants to lay, the whole world at my feet.


I was not sure a while ago,

Now, I'm sure he's the one,

I'm certain that next to him,

I've now, a place in the sun,


I call him 'Gems' and he calls me his 'Pearl'

You already know him, he is James Earl."


Copyright © KIyer 2016

All rights reserved

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    Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
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