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I would reckon that most people live lives where they cannot speak out their mind easily, tell the truth as they see it, voice their opinions and thoughts freely without need to censor them or sugar coat them. I would wager that people sometimes have to 'agree' with their bosses or those that have considerable power and clout over them, even while disagreeing with them in their hearts. It is one of the ways to make sure the bills get paid, that they get to eat and to have some degree of comfort or even luxury. It is a way to lessen stress, get along with people and it probably comes naturally to most.

However, there are probably moments when a person needs to feel free, or feels the need to be free and say things as they see it (so long as it is not a personal issue or grievance against someone), of course without getting too offensive or abusive and infringing on others' rights. Even calm, collected, quiet, pleasant people have strong opinions that they should be able to express confidently. Letting out one's honest feelings and opinions in an appropriate manner has the effect of releasing stress, bringing some cheer and positive feeling about oneself and life in general. It is a basic human need. It is also one of the high pleasures of life to discuss one's views on the world and philosophies and put out one's thoughts on those.

In these days of worldwide interconnections, where we can still be strangers to the person next door or sitting right next to us, it is hard to find places, people and opportunity to speak our minds and hearts. It is strange in some ways that we cannot easily do that in the company of our colleagues, friends and family. We have to interact with them often and any bitterness from an argument or a strong opinion or view expressed can have great negative impact on our relationships with them and our lives on a daily basis. That is why perhaps most people do not even sit and share their deepest views on many subjects - a few lucky ones do.

So, for many, if not most, forums like this - CD for example, are the only place(s) where they can let it all out, speak honestly and truthfully. They can connect with people who might also agree with them - someone on the other side of the world or even sitting right next to them on the train or bus, blissfully unaware that they are each ignoring each other physically, while connecting  and engaging deeply over the Internet! I am surprised at the depth and passion of personal, human and global feelings that people do express here, which I would be very surprised to find in most direct human company or often. These forums can and do provide that great service. Let's keep it so that all can benefit from this.

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Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2015-12-24 17:14
yes. this is the place we can give vent to our views on the world in ENGLISH.
Reply Report KIyer 2015-12-24 17:37
Dr.Bill.Shen: yes. this is the place we can give vent to our views on the world in ENGLISH.
    True! I wish I knew more languages.

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