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Risks and The Chinese - What do YOU think?

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Risks and The Chinese - What do YOU think?

While taking risk and risk-avoidance seem opposites, they can and do co-exist together in the same person, in the same situation. 

Usually as a rule, in life, the greater the possibility of high rewards, the greater are the risks associated with that 'risky' path. There are risks associated with whatever approach one takes. Being 'conservative' or 'risky' can be subjective. Of course, what is considered as conservative by one person, may not be considered so by someone else. 

A conservative person would actually be just choosing a 'different' risk - that is believed to be (or labelled as) 'conservative'. The 'safer' road might not pass through the meadow of rich rewards and the person may have accepted the risk of low or no rewards. This may be considered to be a greater risk by someone with a different viewpoint!

I find that Westerners are quite ready to take risks in some areas - they will invest and develop technologies or ideas, use them and support them ahead of others. They will push and  adopt new things, methods and techniques almost as if they are addicted to something new. They will seem to be great risk takers. They get the label as being 'innovative'. 

While many of them are, technically, I don't think most westerners are. The people developing innovations are often outsiders. The general population, largely, has just great, ready adopters. The system in the west is geared to go from concept to production quicker if there is commercial interest in it. There is great desire to be the first and best in technology and people assume 'risks'. They then market this technical progress very well in the media. This pays off in the long run for shareholders in large technology companies.

Of course, things are not uniform all over the West. USAnians are greater risk takers than Australians in my experience. But such risk taking only applies to areas of technology and finance. When it comes to social or moral issues, they are more conservative than Easterners. 

Most Easterners, that I have seen, tend to be conservative in adopting new technology. They will pay more and adopt things AFTER others have and its proven to work well. They will also only buy brand name products with a good 'reputation' for quality and status. Socially, they will adapt quickly to new values and systems more readily than Westerners. 

This has been my observation, statistically speaking. Individual cases, of course, vary widely. I have seen all kinds of conservative and risky people from all backgrounds.

So,broadly speaking, how are the Chinese attitudes towards risk, in your opinion? 
How readily do you think they support new technical ideas, projects and adopt them? 
Do they have the feeling that they can be leaders in these, even if they are in China?

In what areas do you think Chinese are great risk takers and in what areas they are not?

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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