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Outstanding Opera Expert Researches, Popularizes Traditional Art

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Zhou Haolu []


A top Kunqu Opera artist has devoted herself to popularizing the traditional art form by teaching students in Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre, Beijing, in the past several years.

With the most complete performance system in the history of Chinese opera, Kunqu has a profound foundation and rich heritage. It is a result of the high development of traditional Chinese culture and art, as experts observe.

Zhou Haolu was born in an artist family and her grandparents and parents all work in this field. 

"Kunqu Opera is my music. It is integrated into my blood and has become an inseparable part of my life," Zhou said with a smile.

She began to learn the classic The Peony Pavilion at seven. The same year, Zhou represented her grandfather by singing a piece of Kunqu Opera at a gathering and was acclaimed by senior artists. 

At 11, Zhou was admitted to Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Drama and began her systematic study of the Kunqu and Peking operas.

After graduating, she worked at Jiangsu Peking Opera House, where she began studying under a prestigious teacher. By combining the heavy singing of Peking Opera with Kunqu Opera, her singing style is more dynamic, full of tension and explosiveness.

As young as 17, Zhou was already able to play leading roles. However, in order to have a deeper attainment, at 19, she was admitted to the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. Zhou, who is diligent and talented, has made rapid progress.

When asked about why she later chose to be a Kunqu rather than Peking Opera performer, Zhou said it was all because of her grandmother, who remarked that Kunqu Opera should be further promoted.

She went to the Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre, where she played various opera highlights, which won her countless honors. She even performed in Europe.

In September 2013, she received an appointment from the theater to serve as director of the Teaching and Research Office. Thus, she suspended her stage performance and turned to cultivate future successors.

"There are only 1,000 Kunqu Opera performers nationwide, so, training more successors has become an important part of inheriting this art," Zhou said.

She often leads the students to give public welfare performances in institutions such as nursing homes, communities and schools. She even personally wrote a Kunqu Opera syllabus and an outline of Kunqu Opera repertoire.

In recent years, the inheritance of Kunqu Opera has become the most important thing in Zhou's life. She has conducted over 200 Kunqu Opera lectures in many domestic universities and various other institutions in Beijing. 

To attract more young people, she opened accounts on social media where she shares Kunqu Opera knowledge and performing skills.

She is willing to keep alive Kunqu Opera all her life, and hopes that more people will join her to build stronger confidence in Chinese culture, she says.


Zhou Haolu []

Zhou Haolu []

Zhou Haolu (C) and her parents []


(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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