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Cambridge Grad Promotes Innovative Fruit-growing Business in Hometown

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Cambridge Grad Promotes Innovative Fruit-growing Business in Hometown
Peng Yang checks the growth of navel orange on an orange base in Fengjie. [China Women's News] 


young entrepreneur from Fengjie County, Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, has devoted herself to fruit farming since her graduation from Cambridge University to benefit the lives of people in her hometown.  

Peng Yang has excelled since primary school. In Grade 11, she made the decision to study in the UK, where she completed her "A"-levels in one year. She was then admitted to Cambridge with a full scholarship.

She had little opportunity to return home during that time. However, she worried about the status quo of her countrymen. 

Although they spent lots of energy growing oranges, their yield was unstable and they had poor sales channels. The conditions in her hometown constituted a sharp contrast to the modern farms she saw abroad. 

She returned resolutely after earning her doctoral degree in land economics in 2016. She wanted to help her neighbors become well-off by developing the seedless orange industry using the knowledge she had learnt. 

To start her business, she and her research team visited many countries such as the U.S., the UK and New Zealand. Then, they conducted surveys in major orange production areas in China to thoroughly analyze the strengths and weaknesses, development strategy and market prospect of oranges produced in Fengjie. 

In 2016, she officially launched her project, Shancheng Shidai (So Orange). 

In the early stage of her entrepreneurship, she made the plan to develop the orange industry from two perspectives, namely the sale of fresh fruit and secondary processing. 

In terms of growing, she established standardized daily growing records, and a picking and quality tracing system. In production, she introduced intelligent equipment and offered training to rural women to help them use the advanced equipment. 

In sales, she publicized the selling point that the variety she was growing, commonly known as navel oranges, are considered one of the best types for juicing. 

By virtue of her efforts, she has turned Shancheng Shidai into a leading brand of orange that targets women. She has established over 300 sales channels both online and offline, thus making it increasingly popular. 

In July 2017, the business was rated as an Outstanding Intelligent Project at the National Intelligent Agriculture Expo. 

In the past two years, Peng has helped her countrymen sell over 10,000 tons of navel oranges, which enabled over 1,000 fruit growers to become rich, lifted over 120 families out of poverty and brought jobs to over 150 people. 

Peng often says that she is a farmer in the new era. What distinguishes her from other farmers is her application of modern development ideas to the land. 

Her work has made her a female role model in rural vitalization in Chongqing. That, however, is not her ultimate goal. What she hopes is to further promote the development of the orange industry and attract more people back to Fengjie. 

This idea has been in her mind as early as the day the brand was created. If more people can return to their hometowns, they can work and take good care of their children and parents. In that case, she hopes she will help solve the problem of children in rural areas whose parents have moved to work elsewhere. 

Benefiting from her project, over 80 percent of her countrymen who worked in other places have returned. Half of them are women. 

"The rural vitalization strategy proposed at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China makes me full of hope and vitality. However, I don't think this goal can be realized by several entrepreneurs," said Peng. 

"We must rely on talented people and ensure the sustainable development of economy, society and environment," Peng continued. 

That is why she has made great effort to attract talents and led women to protect and improve the growing environment of navel orange. 

By 2020, she will establish an ecological agricultural system which will process over 100,000 tons of navel oranges, bring the production value up to 1.1 billion yuan and help another 500 people get employed. 

She also aspires to build an orange-themed sightseeing park. By then, the brand will create more work opportunities for women who can also start their own businesses based on their work experience. 

While encouraging women to make a difference in the new era through the orange industry, she has called on them to play their unique roles in their families by carrying forward outstanding family traditions and virtues. 


Cambridge Grad Promotes Innovative Fruit-growing Business in Hometown
So Orange is promoted at the iFresh Asia Fruit and Vegetable Industry Expo. [China Women's News] 


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China

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