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Share Strip shows at a funeral ? ? ? Really ? ?
2015-4-25 08:03 This was the funniest thing. A strip show at a funeral ? ? Seems very strange. And all to get more people to attend, LOL ! ! ! In America, strip clubs are common, so no big deal, but I've never heard of a strip show at of all things a funeral. And in the picture, it shows a kid watching, very weird.
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Share The trait of being able to apply the knowledge.
2014-9-18 15:34
life is many learning curves. The more, the better. I was lucky to inherit the "agnostic / athieist gene. What I mean by thatis, no matter how much education ( weather from a school, or on my own ) I can take that knowledge and apply it That is an ability that CAN'T be taught. Granted, every human trait, there is a bell curve for it, so I can't condemn or praise anyone for their luck in the genetic sperm and egg re-combination. This is one trait that I've noticed the western ...
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Share Vistiing Peking U. and Tsinghua U. this fall...Any idea's of good spots to see ?
2014-8-17 09:23
Hey Everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read this... I'm coming to Shandong in the fall on a personal matter, (My Dad's last wishes were to have his ashes scattered there in the town of Longshan, so I have to fullfill that) , but plan on seeing Bejjing and some sights around there. Peking U. and Tsinghua U. are on the agenda. Anyone from there ? Never been to this country, but its interesting as hec. Anyone got any suggestions about seeing things on campus there ? Tho ...
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Share Coming to Shandong later this year to fullfill Fathers last wishes, a final home
2014-6-12 09:06
Coming to Shandong later this year to fullfill Fathers last wishes, a final home
ll be coming to Shandong later this year to scatter my Dad's ashes there in the villiage of Longshan ( between Jinan and Zhangqui ) . Those were one of his last wishes. He was raised there until the age of 8 years and returned to a big welcome in 1998, The Chinese people just loved him. With his 6'3" stature and cowboy hat, jeans and boots, they really liked everything about him 23 banquets in his honor. He told me all about it. ASM Overseas Corporation and ...
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Share GaoKao becoming obsolete and replaced by a simple DNA scan ?
2014-6-10 04:05
GaoKao becoming obsolete and replaced by a simple DNA scan ?
In the future will a simple DNA scan replace the "clumsy" exams of today ? Will this lead also to not only the path to higher education becoming more clear, but ALL education levels are well ? I believe this will revolutionize education. It will make it far more clear, a person's abilities, thereby also creating a specialized path for an individual's education. Aiming that education to make the best use of a person's ablities. Will this in turn lead to mandatory sperm and e ...
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Share shengnu, why is this in China ?
2014-6-9 04:50
shengnu, why is this in China ?
I have read a few articles about this. It would seem, if they are well educated and intelligent, they would be MORE desirable. I know, in the United States, some men look at them and avoid them. Other men, just the opposite. I find these women attractive. Well educated, self suffiecient and intelligence are in my boo desirable. With a little age too comes more sophistication, worldllyness ( is there such a word ) ?? lol, which are also great traits. With ...
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Share Educated people with baseless superstitions..
2014-6-4 07:50
Educated people with baseless superstitions..
I find it hard to believe people still have baseless superstitions in an era of compulsory education and modern science. In America, this is around, but with modern science and better education, ignorant religious beliefs are fading. I can see The only thing I don't like is society is taking too long and too slow to do this. I wonder, is the Chinese zodiac actually taken that seriously ? ? I see it seemingly everywhere. Whats even more disconcerting about it, some of these ...
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