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Share China will be able to triumph on fighting corruptions? (2)
2013-5-7 12:01
Chinawas experiencing the biggest social changes in human history in the last ten years rein of Hu's government and it's also truein term ofthe income disparities between government officials and a mass of ordinary workers. So some people suggest if the newly on-staged government can confiscate the corrupt wealth collected by all level officials China can maintain its highly developement speed even if its GDP growth rate is 0%. My friends give me a very interesting example, ...
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Share China is able to triumph on fighting against corruptions?(1)
2013-4-18 22:20
Do you know what's the first priority concern for nowaday chinese people? It's thewhen and how tofight against corruptions instead of GDP growth, green and sustainable economy. It's the key to the future happyness, justice, employment, stability, global image and quality life of chinese people because corruption is the powerfulpeople to eat or confiscate theinterests and outcomes of mass laborers.The corruption money is afraid of light, so itwill be sec ...
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Share The world welcoms or rejects China's development? [Copy link] 中文
2013-4-6 12:14
I think the question deponds on if the global resources are enough to well sopport for the global 6 billion population. If enough, the world can finally find its ways to well accomodate China's developments. If the resources are limited, I think the darwin's natural rules will inevitably appear facing us, that is the strong devours on the weak. Of course, there is another way to turn around the rule, that is the invention of new technology which can find new resources or a new way ...
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good listener, hard-working and open-minded person.

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        • China is able to triumph on fighting against corruptions?(1) 2013-4-21 08:01

          I think most of Chinese are interested in this topic.
          According to the information I know, Many local government officals don't have much recreational activities using public fund like before.
          But for bribe, I don't think it's easy to solve this problem in short term. As you know, It has a long history. Anyway, we shouldn't lose heart.  We are looking forward to the bright side since the newly onstage government showed us their big decision.

        • China is able to triumph on fighting against corruptions?(1) 2013-4-19 12:45

          Not only beat "Fly", in particular beat "tiger".
          I believe this sentence Xi Jinping

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