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I love the world [Favorite] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] Beautiful world, rich and powerful motherland, lovely hometown, here, and my feelings.

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2013-5-16 08:42 This is the video I make photo album,There are two schools recently selected photos,On the one hand, is the gansu province town was,On the other hand is tongren county of qinghai province. Friendship is a theme here, unity is power here.
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Share how beautiful song!
2013-4-23 11:19 Small children, great temperament! Two small Tibetan girl, how beautiful song! They are singing the great mother.
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Share Was very moved by
2013-4-19 07:44 This video I found today,find it interesting. Really need this behavior in our society. goodthing,want to start small.
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Share Show people's air force 10 aircraft
2013-4-18 17:53 Audience friends hello, and welcome to "military science and technology" for this issue. On November 11, 1949, the Chinese people's liberation army air force was established. 60 years, with the pace of the republic of, people's air force continues to grow. As air force battle, the people's air force warhawk in sixty years, from ...
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Share Tibetan lama's speech at the university
2013-4-17 22:18 Brief introduction of the of the Tibetan lama The Tibetan lama, born in 1962, rely upon your best treasure JinMeiPeng measures to fundamentally, in the la rong Ming buddhist five. Over the years, he not only to pass through the theory of translated into Chinese, a large number of Tibetan and Chinese books translated into Tibetan and make more people won't because of language barriers, ...
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Share The future lover(New songs to recommend)
2013-4-17 07:48 singing:Snow area Girl The singer is a Tibetan, is my fellow, this heard for the first time, feel very good. Originally the Tibetan peoples singing and dancing, Tibetan peoples hospitality kindness,So, I like them very much.
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Share The second railways in Tibet
2013-4-16 01:01
The Qinghai-Tibet railway is the first plateau railway countries have built, Is the highest in the world, a railway and construction is the most difficult, So I think thecountry isvery powerful ! A few days ago, I went to Chengdu, along the way, very happy. To see a lot of new things, Because I am very long time didn't go out for a walk. Here I want to mention is the new railway is under contruction, It was in the territory of Aba Tibetan Qiang Auto ...
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Share Chen Xiaoduo will hold her concert Breath, Cloud at Poly Theater in Beijing on A
2013-4-15 14:20
Chen Xiaoduo will hold her concert Breath, Cloud at Poly Theater in Beijing on April 21. A soprano with China Opera and Dance Drama Company and a graduate student of Peking University's Academy of Opera, Chen is known for her mastery of various styles of singing. The concert will showcase Chen's opera arias and pop songs, as well as her collaborations with the China Town rock band. In order to promote vocal art , Chen will provide onlin ...
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Share Third anniversary of Yushu earthquake marked
2013-4-15 13:49
A Buddhist nun prays for the victims during a Buddhist commemoration marking the third anniversary of the Yushu earthquake, in Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture, northwest China's Qinghai province, April 14, 2013. A 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit Yushu on April 14, 2010, leaving 2,698 dead and over 12,000 injured. A gigantic thangka , or silk painting, is spread over a hillside during a Buddhist commemoration on Sunday marking the third anniversary of the magnitude-7. ...
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Share Someone said so
2013-4-14 19:36
Here's what I do to keep a positive attitude. 1. Realize that you've gone this far in life and have survived. Nothing has killed you. There's been hurts, heartaches and disappointments. But, YOU have survived. And, I'm sure you've live enough to have faced many things in your life. If you survived and overcame those things, you will also overcome whatever you face in your future. 2. Realize that a positive attitude and happiness are choices. I've had hurts, disappointments and failures ...
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  • Tibetan lama's speech at the university 2013-11-8 10:01

    such a great vedio

  • Someone said so 2013-8-20 08:55

    Thank you very much for your message, I'm sorry to have such a long time didn't respond to you at the same time!
    Because recently I have been more than a month without Internet access, I don't have a personal computer,
    Today only to find that you leave a message.
    Hope to see you every day!

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