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our youth(serial 14)

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Chapter Five

Liu Tao began to study the sketch. He had found that it is so interesting. The sketch must know what is the ‘line,light,surface’ so you could paint you study it deeply ,you must paint human body which was so serious problems in that time. What would I do it? He thought for long time, so he decided to buy some medicine books which had the human body picture.

But somebody found it and told their teacher that Liu Tao read the’ yellow book’.

Liu Tao was called by teacher and ordered him to hand over ‘yellow book’.

Liu Tao surprised to answer:” I haven’t any yellow book”.

The teacher told him :”I will send you to police station if you don’t hand over the yellow book”.

Liu Tao glanced at him and answered: ”do it as you please.”


The police was called to school. He ordered Li u Tao :”you must hand over the yellow books, you will be carry to police station if you refuse it!” after it , he waited him.

Liu Tao didn’t be worry. He told to police:” I can do it as you said ,but the teacher must apologize to me if it isn’t yellow books.

The police looked at him and said : ” you are troublemaker!”

The teacher was so awkward.

The police ordered loudly; ”hand over!”

Liu Tao smiled and took out the book from bag ,he sent it to police and said to him:”is it yellow books?”

Police read the books and answered him:” what did you do with it? Do you want to become the doctor?”

Liu Tao didn’t answered him the question and told them:” the book was published by publish house from country’ s unit, it is the medical books .i need the human body picture because I study sketch.”


The end of term , Liu Tao wanted to take part for English examination. But the English teacher told him that you can take part, the point I could tell you now that is ‘zero’

Liu Tao asked him:” why?”

The teacher smiled and answered  to him :”the question which you ask to yourself .you didn’t have one class, what will you answere the question on the examination paper?. If you get the ninety ,I could not find how and who  did you copy, I afraid that you will implicate fine student!” after it he watched him.

Liu Tao thought that I must take part the examination ,I will  let you make  a fool of yourself.


Liu Tao began to write on the examination paper. The English teacher was walking round classroom. He found that Liu Tao could write well English sentence, he thought if he could pass the English examination, how would give him point? He began to fell puzzled.

Liu Tao looked at the teacher. He began to paint on the back of examination paper after the teacher passed through him.

The time was over, the teacher let them to hand over the paper.

Liu Tao sit in his place, he waited all classmates who had handed over it. He began to start.

The teacher watched him when he came to front of classroom. He didn’t read the paper and wrote the ’zero’ on the paper he told him that I had told you that you will be get ‘zero’ point. He began to raise the paper.

 The classroom was burst to laugh. There were one big frog was painted on the black paper and written:” the frog want to eat the sphinx’s meat ,but the sky is so high”.

The teacher was angry and cried:” get out!”



Liu Tao didn’t be angry ,he singed the song and went out  which is from the Indian film. The words of the song is :” I’m waif ,i will lead a vagrant life at all place, I will go to front with destiny………”

Qing zheng cried : ” stop!” when he opened the door at moment. She said to teacher:” teacher , you could let him leave your class because he is troublemaker , but he has the power for taking part to examination, so you could exam whether he began to study or not ,but you didn’t read his examination paper for second and give ‘zero’ point that could not be just to him.” She stood here and waited the teacher to speak his manner.

The teacher was so surprise , he turned the back of paper and asked :” how mush point do you give the picture?”

The classroom was bombed laughing.



Liu Tao could not let Qing zheng to angry. He said to teacher:” your thought is so old, you treat that too troublemaker to study, but I ask you who invent the lamp? Do you know? The lamp was be invented by Edison who was big troublemaker. Why did You return to our country? You must know who made the trouble for you, you can decided that I can not has your class , but you must give the certificate, because I have passed your examination.  If you could not do as it, I will find the leader of school.!” He spoke it loudly, after end he moved his hand and said to him with English:” good-bye , good-bye my English teacher!” he went out the classroom with laughing.


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  • our youth (serial 42) 2020-5-9 18:53

    I suggest that you read the New Yorker, the Paris Review, and Harper's if you strive to learn how to write like a literary type;  such A-list publications publish several gripping stories every week or month.  At the very least, you could learn how to flesh out this story with more detail. Good luck to you.

  • our youth (serial 35) 2020-5-3 19:31

    Sorry for being plain-spoken, and I don't mean to discourage you from writing creatively, just one suggestion: in addition to spending time developing the plot of your story, please also put in the hours to work on grammar and other basics of English.

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