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snowipine: Chingish
Yesterday 17:31 Reply
snowipine: Safty and security is the foundation for daily production and construction, pay more attention on the details.
2019-4-14 16:17:57 Reply
SEARU: Always being single is kind of selfish which living style will certainly peel off too much natural  happiness as human being!
2019-4-10 15:42:04 Reply
snowipine: Wanna get the essence, delve into the grassroots, using brain and the. hands, let the mouth takes second place.
2019-4-2 04:19:09 Reply
snowipine: Testing thought and idea with actions, otherwise, dream is just a dream, forever a pipedream, an empty talkshow. Say less and take more practices, at least experiencing the real feeling of the work.
2019-4-1 07:33:46 Reply
snowipine: Somewords are marked with blue, interresting
2019-3-23 21:10:08 Reply
snowipine: Say nothing at all due to donnot know what i can say.
2019-3-23 21:06:48 Reply
LaurenLiao: Last December my husband and I went on a road trip from Panzhihua to Lijiang and it turned out to be one of the best road trips ever.
2019-3-23 14:15:43 Reply
snowipine: Sleepiness, could not typ the words ideally, just go to bed without delay.
2019-3-19 23:05:34 Reply
snowipine: Deleted some friends from my wechat account, it is quite slim now.
2019-3-10 20:34:31 Reply
snowipine: Happy holiday , ladies.
2019-3-8 14:32:43 Reply
snowipine: Look, think and engagement, konow the principles of the work mechanism, it is ok, say nothing, go as usual, see you next day.
2019-3-7 21:59:20 Reply
snowipine: Actionism
2019-3-7 21:51:55 Reply
snowipine: Gosh
2019-3-5 07:00:27 Reply
SEARU: It mabe a joke when you seriously declare that your spouse is the best choice for marriage!  The basic fact should be that you have done a lot for your decision and you are ready to be responsible for
2019-3-3 09:29:45 Reply
SEARU: Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!
2019-3-1 10:11:21 Reply
snowipine: Epress personal opinion must be clear and loud, do not use too much equivocal words. Meanwhile, if there is no requirement, make less commentary. Don't tell others what you think, they have their idea
2019-2-28 08:59:21 Reply
snowipine: Donnot know what to say
2019-2-27 08:23:27 Reply
snowipine: Have a good nap.  Questioning the questions in question patiently and, striving to figue out, if not so, the just keep easy.
2019-2-26 12:47:43 Reply
snowipine: Forget me, please. It's good to be quiet all the day.
2019-2-26 09:59:18 Reply


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