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snowipine: Have limited energy, there has to be something giving up. Put good time on the good things you can make a difference, bring some tangible contributions to your life.
2018-10-25 22:28:59 Reply
LaurenLiao: What's on your mind...
2018-10-14 21:58:58 Reply
snowipine: Said more than I can say.
2018-10-4 21:37:53 Reply
SEARU: Thirst drives you to dig well for water!
2018-9-7 09:14:08 Reply
2018-8-21 00:22:39 Reply
Erdmadchen: On my way to south of France.
2018-8-15 15:05:39 Reply
snowipine: My way is just ahead, a long long way.
2018-8-8 22:12:29 Reply
snowipine: Found my way forward.
2018-8-5 15:01:31 Reply
snowipine: Goodnight to all my love.
2018-8-2 22:40:02 Reply
snowipine: If u think too much, ..., ,you know nothing
2018-7-30 23:58:35 Reply
snowipine: Slowly , I can find out your well covered true face,so do not make up things all the way.
2018-7-30 12:59:20 Reply
snowipine: Nightmarish scenario, cannot forget forevere, you walking at the crossroad with especially heavy step, ypur legs did not moving normally as usral, it is so dengerous, a signal.
2018-7-30 01:40:09 Reply
snowipine: Be the one, for the one, be the number one.
2018-7-29 01:29:32 Reply
snowipine: Think twice, if I really have the time to think twice. brain is too hot to cool down, about to break down. gosh
2018-7-22 00:20:49 Reply
SEARU: How to think in a musical way is more important than what others have got through thinking!
  • snowipine: It·s easy,if you like. (8-2 22:43)
2018-7-11 11:09:38 Reply
snowipine: 随想 狂想我勤奋,眸然回首,更有勤勉人,汗长流。
2018-7-10 22:20:08 Reply
SEARU: Content accounts much more than appearance!
2018-7-10 14:41:55 Reply
snowipine: There is no perfection at the workplace.
2018-7-3 11:10:04 Reply
SEARU: All of our writings should go with zero error!
2018-7-2 14:26:52 Reply
snowipine: What is your purpose in life
2018-6-17 22:24:44 Reply


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