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snowipine: Have made several efforts but I cannot edit my avatar.
5 DayEarlier Reply
SEARU: Age is light clouds floating at the edge of the sky
2019-2-10 20:47:40 Reply
SEARU: Education is to let students get training on how to think through knowledge-and-basic-skill learning! The frequent exams mislead our schooling to the wrong direction!That has become drug for us!
2019-1-30 21:59:21 Reply
snowipine: What could i say
2019-1-29 01:21:51 Reply
LaurenLiao: I recently went on a trip from Chengdu to Yunnan via Panzhihua and it was such an amazing experience!
2019-1-20 19:07:08 Reply
SEARU: Ice let beauty become permanent!
2019-1-13 13:42:31 Reply
LaurenLiao: I recently went on a trip from Chengdu to Yunnan via Panzhihua and it was such an amazing experience!
2019-1-11 15:52:25 Reply
snowipine: I am thinking: Lots of our stupid efforts have no use in improving our life quality, the question here is we all think we are superior than others.
2019-1-3 21:43:55 Reply
snowipine: Donnot know
2018-12-27 19:20:57 Reply
SEARU: Dictionary seems like an aircraft-carrier in the ocean of culture that represents the real power of one nation‘s language ability which contains too much information about its civilization.
2018-12-27 09:47:17 Reply
SEARU: Writing is a quick way of thinking with pen that should go like music!
2018-12-24 19:59:16 Reply
J.E.Overington: Did you know laughter helps you lose weight?
2018-12-20 04:18:44 Reply
snowipine: Have limited energy, there has to be something giving up. Put good time on the good things you can make a difference, bring some tangible contributions to your life.
2018-10-25 22:28:59 Reply
LaurenLiao: What's on your mind...
2018-10-14 21:58:58 Reply
snowipine: Said more than I can say.
2018-10-4 21:37:53 Reply
SEARU: Thirst drives you to dig well for water!
2018-9-7 09:14:08 Reply
2018-8-21 00:22:39 Reply
Erdmadchen: On my way to south of France.
2018-8-15 15:05:39 Reply
snowipine: My way is just ahead, a long long way.
2018-8-8 22:12:29 Reply

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