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snowipine: Take it easy friend, the sky is still high above the solid earth, we can make our life better up together
2019-8-13 22:17:02 Reply
snowipine: I saw, i see, I don't want to opinion abc, due to I don't know how to say, thus day by day I became a dumbass
2019-8-12 21:41:02 Reply
d18601141513: What's on your mind...
2019-8-8 13:49:31 Reply
snowipine: Go out to find the answer for your question is better than confining yourself in your room thinking" I SHOULD have the ability to tackle it all by my own".
2019-8-3 19:29:05 Reply
snowipine: Reading like the locals do
2019-7-31 18:31:40 Reply
snowipine: Science : health, technology, environment and society.
2019-7-30 16:38:25 Reply
snowipine: Have your own private space is so important
2019-7-27 18:15:09 Reply
beijingyank: Nominate China for the Nobel Prize for being able to reduce the speed of light.
2019-7-14 12:08:40 Reply
snowipine: Seems I said I shouldn't say
2019-7-12 23:10:25 Reply
snowipine: We always say life is a journey, if so why we have to take so much attentions on fame and wealth.
  • luckyann: Life is like a journey, just enjoying the view, regardless of the destination. (7-9 10:20)
2019-7-7 17:16:54 Reply
snowipine: It's the time changed me, lets me know life is a journey. Everyday ,say good morning to sb you love, say good night to sb you care, go to work happily, back home safely, it's so good
  • luckyann: and have to kiss the one you love before she goes to work every day. (7-9 10:12)
2019-7-4 05:08:59 Reply
snowipine: What's the next one
2019-7-3 14:48:16 Reply
snowipine: Monday, a big time for the project, lots of works are waiting there
2019-7-1 02:58:58 Reply
snowipine: Monday, a big time for the project, lots of works are waiting there
2019-7-1 02:58:49 Reply
snowipine: If u have the chance to say nothing then just keep silent
2019-6-30 07:32:00 Reply
snowipine: reserving parts of opinions when here is needs to make a commentary.
2019-6-23 22:38:51 Reply
snowipine: systematic checkup is required in a bid to stop habitual rule breaking.
2019-6-23 12:37:51 Reply
snowipine: who's behind the curtain
2019-6-20 14:36:55 Reply
snowipine: Grown up by seeing ugly selfishness, then here is no surprise that sb is still sth nobody dares to touch on
2019-6-19 23:14:53 Reply
snowipine: Getting off work earlier, I hope.
2019-6-14 17:54:51 Reply


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