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imranurrahman: COURAGE is not having the strength to go on; It is going on when you don't have THE STRENGTH.
7 DayEarlier Reply
Ted180: Practical Resolution of Geopolitical Conflicts
2019-10-13 01:15:22 Reply
Ted180: What's on your mind...
2019-10-13 01:14:29 Reply
Ted180: Practical Resolution of Geopolitical Conflicts..
2019-10-13 01:14:02 Reply
LaurenLiao: Lijiang isn’t just another ancient town, rather it's a way of life for many, attracting the unsuspecting with its charm and tranquility, coaxing them into a new way of life.
2019-10-9 17:25:13 Reply
snowipine: It's raining now, autumn rain a little bit cold . I am thinking that what should be the next goal for make a difference.
2019-10-9 11:45:22 Reply
snowipine: Have a brief review of the history of counties
2019-9-19 13:49:54 Reply
snowipine: sometimes I am thinking I know whom I am, sometimes I am wondering who I am, I  have to get the proper answer as to Who'Who, the reason is very simple, I do not know how to say what is what
  • luckyann: Who'Who &  WHAT IS WHAT ?????    (10-8 09:34)
2019-9-16 21:02:39 Reply
snowipine: Is it raining outside? Take a look and prepare for a good supper.
2019-9-15 17:02:14 Reply
snowipine: Happy Midautumn Festival.
2019-9-14 11:19:37 Reply
SEARU: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I miss those old blogger friends who had been quite active in the Forum!
2019-9-13 20:55:14 Reply
snowipine: Have a general ideas on how many religions i n the world and their  distribution, function on the given society is beneficial for better understanding what is going out the location.
2019-9-12 11:59:12 Reply
snowipine: i've beening leaving home so long so that i marely remember what was like when i am a child, now i am thinking that it's about time to take a home visiting, though a little bit late, but i am homing.
2019-9-8 14:35:13 Reply
snowipine: U are not the right person I should gave so much attentions, it is not about intelligence, anyway
2019-9-7 00:06:30 Reply
snowipine: I cannot follow up the news but I have the chance to catch up with the history.
2019-9-6 00:17:18 Reply
snowipine: Take it easy friend, the sky is still high above the solid earth, we can make our life better up together
2019-8-13 22:17:02 Reply
snowipine: I saw, i see, I don't want to opinion abc, due to I don't know how to say, thus day by day I became a dumbass
2019-8-12 21:41:02 Reply
d18601141513: What's on your mind...
2019-8-8 13:49:31 Reply
snowipine: Go out to find the answer for your question is better than confining yourself in your room thinking" I SHOULD have the ability to tackle it all by my own".
2019-8-3 19:29:05 Reply
snowipine: Reading like the locals do
2019-7-31 18:31:40 Reply


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