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Share HK a city
broken_heart 2019-11-22 10:14
In response to comments about HK a city known world wide, the perspective is not commonly as close to HK a city as HK the "Peoples" issues or processed as "the Peoples Issues" this is now also known by HK "the Peoples issue of foreign interference", these two parts still don't look at HK a city. I am a foreigner "lao wai" to China but I live in a city that has seen "riots, protests an protests-riots" and I'm writing to try to affect the slew of verbal and ...
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Share A Parent's Responsibility
MichaelM 2019-11-21 08:49
I'm a teacher in China. I've been teaching here for 8 years and have had over 5,000 classes. I've had students who have far exceeded my expectations. One went to Harvard Medical School. One went to Princeton University. Two were given offers from Yale University. One went to Johns Hopkins Medical School. This year, Gary Mao, my student, was given an offer from the University of Chicago. Gary scored 1580 on the SAT exam. The lowest score on the SAT (美国高考) of my students was 1480 (out ...
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Share Did SME lose the entire game in business?
garywang2007 2019-11-20 15:59
Did SME lose the entire game in business?
"It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice."Said by Mr. Deng Xiaoping In this fast changing business world nowadays, a cat or even lost-fat cat than Mr. Garfield is simply NOT good enoughfrom basic living. Particularly SMEs may find customers are becoming more diversified than ever. For example, Chinese tea can be traded more simple via wechat; and a bottle of perfume can be shipped out right away with real time video footage on Tik Tok ...
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Share The society would become paradise.
SEARU 2019-11-20 09:53
Last evening I watched parts of the CCTV program on chinese food production at the meantime I had to take care of old mother and the stove. Agaiin about the meat market, I think our government should make some policy to encourage old farmers to feed more cattles with crops stalks as they did before. As I know a lot of villagers speed much time on playing cards or fishing who have enough energy and experience to raise beasts for pleasure instead. In neighboring village a retired worker buys-keep ...
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Share The Cost of Love
tatata69 2019-11-18 14:42
Time was when being a poor erudite was not a bad thing in ancient Chinese literature, since the indigent erudite could sweep a rich girl off her feet by writing pulpy poems for her and win her heart thereafter. in 西厢记, 崔莺莺, who was born in an affluent family, has a crush on the cash-strapped student 张生 after being impressed by 张生's eagerness to be a well-bred intellectual; in 牡丹亭, the strong-willed 杜丽娘 sets out her stall to safeguard her marriage with her ...
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Share Safe communication
fanika 2019-11-16 06:40
Safe communication 1. New accounts are the right solution for anonymous browsing. Clean accounts with false non-overlapping information will help cover your tracks. This applies to both social networks and email services, messengers, e-wallets, etc. Individual accounts are useful when using the above encryption services, provided that they do not overlap with real accounts. 2. The right online messengers are PSI Jabber or Telegramm. They encrypt messages and do not provide their algorithms ...
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Share Digital humanity is a new area
KagamigawaG 2019-11-14 19:00
Digital humanity is a new area. Moreover, I will have a chance to cooperate with the British Library this semester. It will be a different experience. And I have glanced the official website of British Library. There are so many electric resources. This is a trend of the future. But for me, I still like reading a paper book. Electric devices do not suitable for a long time reading. They are harmful to my eyes. There is a pattern so-called “eye protection” on the recent electric devices. But m ...
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Share The Insider
tatata69 2019-11-13 02:54
It's an open secret that the political system is chock-a-block with mealy-mouthed influence-peddlers bent on resorting to underhanded tactics, spin doctors kvelling over their blinding efforts to sway public opinion, and craven foot soldiers gung-ho about doing their benefactors' bidding. As a result, working in a world like this one , in which mud-slinging, subterfuge and personal rivalries are the predominate forces, is tough sledding. Yet 李康 ...
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Share My favorite anime movie -- hotel Transylvania
lpliang 2019-11-11 11:03
My favorite anime movie -- hotel Transylvania Hotel Transylvania is an animated film directed by gundy tatakovsky and starring Adam sandler and selena gomez. The film was released in China on November 1, 2013. The film tells the story in order to celebrate the 118 years old birthday of his beloved daughter mayface, the duke of vampire invited frankenstein, mummy, werewolf, invisible man and so on a ticket of monster friends carnival, did not expect a brash backpacker accidentally ...
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