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Share Safe communication
fanika 2019-11-16 06:40
Safe communication 1. New accounts are the right solution for anonymous browsing. Clean accounts with false non-overlapping information will help cover your tracks. This applies to both social networks and email services, messengers, e-wallets, etc. Individual accounts are useful when using the above encryption services, provided that they do not overlap with real accounts. 2. The right online messengers are PSI Jabber or Telegramm. They encrypt messages and do not provide their algorithms ...
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Share Lead a good university life
smallflower 2019-10-21 13:13
You just entered the University, maybe very confused, maybe you have already made a plan for yourself. No matter what, University is a new starting point of life. We should live every day well and enrich our life.What kind of ability do we need to have in order to have a good university life?divnbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; First of all, you should learn to adapt to loneliness. A new environment, some strange faces, may make you homesick, which is very normal. The way of learning in university i ...
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Share 2019-10-21
Snowcheng 2019-10-21 12:50
divnbsp; It is well-know to us that we have a lot of leisure time.So we should deal with these time and learn how to improve college life. Nowadays there is a growing concern over the problem.nbsp;/divdivnbsp; Many college students seem to think that college is a free heaven. Therefore,a great majority of college students are carzy about playing games ,falling in love and binge-watch enter the university,leading to exam fail. So we should study reasonable utilizing time and improve our ...
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Share Personal opinions of a freshman
liuhaoyu 2019-10-20 16:46
With me having graduated from high school, I went to college. I have some personal opinions which abilities are important in my college life. I think they can make my college life better. To begin with, we should know communication is the most important. We not only need to learn how to express our opinions to others but also need to learn listening. It can help us to develop better relationships. In additionaddition, it's necessary for us to autonom ...
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Share Chinese Animation Will Be Better
000504ccyly 2019-9-22 16:15
Chinese Animation Will Be Better
Themovie 《 nezha 》 iscurrentlyintheaters.ThefilmwasreleasedonJuly26,aftermuchanticipation.Thefilmhasbeenwellreceivedsinceitsrelease. ComparedwiththelevelofAmericanandJapaneseanimationindustry, China'sanimationindustrystillhasacertaingap.However, &nb ...
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Share Chinese animation: Ne Zha
PURPOSE 2019-9-11 17:06
Recently a very popular Chinese animated film NeZha was released during the summer holiday. To this day, the animated film has earned more than 4.5 billion yuan at the box office. NeZha is arguably the best work of Chinese animation films in recent years. It represents the rise of Chinese animation films. NeZha is magic pill reincarnation, and AoBing is ling bead reincarnation, NeZha represents evil, AoBing represents good. However, the film finally NeZha in order to protect Chen Tangguan ...
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Share Summertime Sadness
Joey-k 2019-6-25 21:35
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter One can never judge a book by its name. Though it’s self-evident that this book definitely has something to do with loneliness, I didn’t expect it to be like this. Sadness throughout, tinged with a faint touch of despair from time to time. It tells the story of a diverse group of people in a southern town in the US in the late 1930s. Centered around a white deaf-mute John Singer, the story unfolds as his only friend Antonapolus got s ...
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Share Fei is on the way
KristaChen 2019-5-7 11:29
Fei is on the way
Mr. Yang feihu is a headmaster of a middle school of a small town in southern China. At the very beginning of his teaching career, he was just a common teacher in a village, teaching both maths and drawing to the little pupils.But there is something so genuine about him that you couldn't help liking him. He is not tall, baldheaded with thick beard on his face which many Chinese man couldn't have.Most of the time, he prefers to wear traditional Chinese Tang suit and he often laughs at himself t ...
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Share Sunshine in the afternoon
KristaChen 2019-4-5 08:09
Sunshine in the afternoon
How long can last the sunshine, How long stay fresh the flowers. Alone, my teardrops stream down, So nice the afternoon sunshine, brighten my cold chamber. A delicate fragrance of orchids, with thee,I longed to enjoy and wrote poems together. Now, life lost its color while living with the memory.
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