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Share Song of Love
tatata69 2019-10-18 14:45
I just heard a song sung by a Korean singer, and the song's lyrics strike asmelancholy . I couldn't help translating it into English along with some lines that have nothing to do with the original song. You could call it my own thoughts about true love. The name of this song is called Goodbye. 搜索 复制 I'm leaving now without saying goodbye to you. To a place where I don't have to be shacked by the fetters of temporal affairs I'm ...
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Share procrastination is a big problem
Guo'er 2019-10-16 23:42
I haven't writen anything for quite a long time, it was not that I didn't want to write or to do. In fact, I have a long list of to-do things, and many ideas break into my mind everyday. But it was just because I did take prompt actions when I wanted to do them, as time went by, they slid out of my mind. Next time, when they come again, same thing happen, and again and over again. Finally, nothing has been done. I have been living here for a long, and I have been thinking about ...
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Share Room
tatata69 2019-10-11 09:10
Typically, a room is a place where you sit on a brocade or tufted leather sofa while holding a book in your hand, , veg out in front of the TV, or simply rest up with the heavy velvet drapes drawn. For people keen on pondering over their future career moves and life goals, , their rooms are sedate places suffused with stillness as they sit there seeking mediation; just like gurus from India, a world that's not hemmed in by the hustle and bustle of mode ...
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Share The Temptation of Lijiang
LaurenLiao 2019-10-8 17:51
The Temptation of Lijiang
As someone from Sichuan, I had of course heard about Lijiang since I was a kid, not just because of its location in the adjacent province, Yunnan, but because it also carries the distinction of being one of China’s renowned ancient towns. My impression and understanding of Lijiang was, however, just that, an ancient town, not different from any other of the multitude of ancient towns that dot China: always packed with tourists and an endless array of souvenir shops. My husband, on the o ...
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Share Dune
tatata69 2019-10-6 13:26
Peggy Noonan, who's a well-regarded columnist in America, once said the trajectory of life is unfathomable and no one seems to be able to foresee what's in store down the road or how many hurdles we have to overcome before we finally reach the destination. But one thing most people know is you have to take it on the chin or be positive when faced with assorted difficulties ; otherwise, you won't be able to go through the wringer and end up becoming the victo ...
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Share Three-drop-water
SEARU 2019-9-26 17:03
Now let's have a closed look at the following Chinese characters: 江,海,湖泊,波涛,滴 (river, sea, lake,wave, drop.)All these words have a common component that is called ‘three-drop-water’. It goes like ‘three streams which are going to join together and form a river’. Such a word usually has something to do with ‘water’.For more examples: 洪(flood),沉没(sink),游泳(swim),济(to cross a river), 河(A river that might dry in Summ ...
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Share Shame on a Singer
GVTCC 2019-9-22 10:47
He calls himself the best ever singer on the surface of the earth, but he actually makes his living on earning money from the mainland of China. He has not published new single song for quite a long while, but the new released one is about a girl and her boyfriend, and most important of all, they are the main roles of the music video and they are Japanese. The day of new song is published on or around Sept 18, a date that many patriotic Chinese will not forget. Many of his fans i ...
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Share In the Land of Shangri-La
longbeachbum 2019-9-3 11:30
In April, me and my partner spent two glorious weeks in China. My sister lives there, her husband is posted with the State Department at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. I’ve had a thing for China ever since I read “Riding the Iron Rooster” by Paul Theroux when I was a teenager, though the country portrayed in that classic travelogue is a far cry from what it is today. China makes the news in the U.S. a lot nowadays and mainly for the wrong reasons: trade tariffs. But forget that ...
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Share To spending the Aug 31 as a festival
ephil_cn 2019-8-31 17:52
Yesterday night I was reminded that It had been the Aug 30, there was only one day for the month. It would be over for Aug. the time was always quickly, I wanted to remember some things to mark the Aug, but I thought carefully, it seemed that I could think nothing. So , suddenly I wanted to spend the Aug 31 as a festival. It is a strange thought, but I want to spend according to my thoughts. Today is Aug 31, also Saturday. But b ...
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Share If it is true
GVTCC 2019-8-29 09:01
If it is true
A college is not good for the many multi-story buildings it has, but for the many good teachers it attracts. But the reality is not so satisfying, as a piece of writing of a student shows: a student's writing about his teacher
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