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Share From Lion To Pussycat
KIyer 2020-5-24 09:05
It was my early days in Australia. I was in the hospital emergency room with my kid in Melbourne. He had been attended to and then discharged. It had been a long night and we were relieved knowing we could go home now. Since I had arrived in the ambulance with him the previous night, we were taking a cab back home. There was a phone booth near the entrance of the emergency room that one could use to call a taxi. I used it and booked one. They said it would arrive in about 5 minutes. Rath ...
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Share Cookery is a must-be lesson
SEARU 2020-5-16 20:47
Cookery is art. Many people from our village have become experts on cooking. One of them is the boss of the famous restaurant in the county-town whose income is admirable. For average citizens cooking is the basic living skill that activity can make us more clever on thinking and practice! I notice that my three-year-old grand-daughter enjoys playing with kitchen toys. I think students should be taught to cook for the family at home. This is important for their future growth and career.&n ...
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Share Why We Lose Track Of Time In Quarantine
Zorro2 2020-4-23 15:15
Why We Lose Track Of Time In Quarantine
A common refrain during the COVID-19 pandemic : Life is a blur. The days all seem to blend together — is it Tuesday or Friday? And the line between work and leisure time is obscured when your living room doubles as your home office . Any time we have a big change in routine, this happens, We are accustomed to a certain amount of structure to our days. Moving to working from home disrupts the structure. Know that if you’re constantly confused about what day it is, you ...
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Share The first recorded sighting of a Lyrid meteor shower
Zorro2 2020-4-19 18:37
The first recorded sighting of a Lyrid meteor shower
The first recorded sighting of a Lyrid meteor shower goes back to 687 BC in China. Observers there said the Lyrids were "falling like rain." The Lyrids are known for their fast and bright meteors. Looking for something fun to do? Need to get out of the house? Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning will be the peak of the Lyrids, the first major meteor shower since January. The annual meteor shower is active each year from about April 16 to April 25 . This year, the skinny and almost-n ...
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Share Beyond and After COVID-19
KIyer 2020-4-14 14:50
Seems like the millennials and the next generations in the Western and other 'advanced' nations will (have to) become more of producers and manufacturers than consumers as I used to fear.. Boundless opportunities abound...
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Share Social distancing works – just ask lobsters, ants and vampire bats
Zorro2 2020-4-9 09:57
Social distancing works – just ask lobsters, ants and vampire bats
Animals as diverse as monkeys , lobsters , insects and birds can detect and avoid sick members of their species. Why have so many types of animals evolved such sophisticated behaviors in response to disease? Because social distancing helps them survive. In evolutionary terms, animals that effectively socially distance during an outbreak improve their chances of staying healthy and going on to produce more offspring, which also will socially distance ...
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Share Once in a pink moon
Zorro2 2020-4-8 09:04
Once in a pink moon
We're seeing a vivid 'pink moon' rise above St. Michael's Mount—a granite-encrusted isle connected to the rugged peninsula of Cornwall, England, by sandy flats and a man-made causeway that submerge at high tide. The same order of monks that established France's Mont-Saint-Michel built a church and priory here in the 12th century. In ensuing centuries of war, the insular monastic outpost was fortified into the imposing castle we see today. Privately purchased in 1659, the mount was opened to th ...
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Share Why is Uranus blue?
Zorro2 2020-4-6 11:44
Why is Uranus blue?
Uranus is the seventh planet discovered in the Solar System that also led to the discovery of the last planet, Neptune they are both referred to as ice giants. Officially recognized in 1781 after many observations in the past, it is the third-largest planet of the Solar System. Since ancient times it was not recognized due to its dimness and slow orbit. However, in 1781 Sir William Herschel announced its discovery being the first planet discovered with the help of a telescope. It is ...
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Share The frog prince?
Zorro2 2020-4-6 08:12
The frog prince?
Perched among the petals of a purple water lily, we think this petite treefrog makes a fine mascot for National Frog Month. The annual event celebrates frogs around the world, all 4,000+ species. Among the various kinds, the little green treefrog stands out as a popular pet. That's due to its small size, friendly face, and low-maintenance lifestyle. It's a common backyard animal in parts of the US and was named the official state reptile of both Louisiana and Georgia. Not bad for a little treef ...
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Share Where is Victoria falls?
Zorro2 2020-4-5 14:53
Where is Victoria falls?
Victoria Falls is the only waterfall in the world with a length of more than a kilometer and a height of more than hundred meters. It is also considered to be the largest fall in the world. The noise of Victoria Falls can be heard from a distance of 40 kilometers, while the spray and mist from the falling water is rising to a height of over 400 meters and can be seen from a distance of 50 kilometers. No wonder that the local tribes used to call the waterfall Mosi-o-Tunya “The smoke that thund ...
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