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Share Square is also a circle
SEARU 2019-9-21 21:09
Recently I have noticed that 豆 is quite interesting for its unique appearance. In Chinese 豆 means ‘bean’. Why? Its inside oblong represents a round seed? Then what for the two strokes below? Yes, you may take them as semi-bowl holding the seed! The three-stroke under 口is half of the pod. When you divide a one-seed peanut into two parts, you can see what had wrapped the grain. The crust exactly looks like the remaining components of 豆 (without the middle one 口). ...
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Share 寸 symbols ‘short’ or ‘small’
SEARU 2019-9-18 09:45
时 means ‘time’. Its 日 is ‘the Sun’ but here that shouldd represent ‘one day’. 寸 shows ‘one short period' of the 24 hours per day. Another example is 辱(To say bad things about someone.). Its top is 辰 that was a giant dinosaur in the primary stage of the Earth. 寸 is so tiny that looks like ‘a worm’.How can you devalue a powerful animal as a weak worm?Obviously you are calling someone names!
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12dream 2019-9-10 17:34
The radical movement ( terrorism in effect ) in HK is deeply in critical crisis level though such causes can be blamed on foreign "dark hands" involvements for more than 25 years in the secretive making dating back to the handover date. On hindsight, the HK judiciary system should have been one that aligned to China's mainland system similar to relatively tiny Singapore and Malaya in whichboth achieved their total "Merdeka" from the British Crown. Of course, there was be a r ...
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Share The milk from the mainland to Hongkong
SEARU 2019-9-7 21:54
No! You are not familiar with the true stories taking place between Hong-kong and mainland in the past decades! We had had ‘three flying trains’ which transporting living pigs and fresh vegetables from the inner land to the ‘island’. Aboard the train the railway workers fed the animals carefully to make sure the creatures would be still healthy enough before being killed in the market; In the vegetable carts some workers had to stand closed to ice pieces in order to keep the plants fr ...
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Share Moments to cherish Beijing Foreign studies university my wonderful Experiences
55555terry 2019-9-3 22:06
Moments to cherish  Beijing Foreign studies university my wonderful Experiences
Taught at this university had the best time thank you to all mystudents it was a honour andprivilege to be your teacher my students came fromdifferent cities in chinaI had learnt moreaboutChinese culture and traditions through my students and friends Beijing foreign studies university students in class english language activities Beijing foreign studies university students in class english lang ...
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Share Scenery of the Slender West Lake
dovexu 2019-9-3 10:30
Scenery of the Slender West Lake It is located in the northwest suburb of the ancient city Yangzhou. It originated from a strip of connected ancient city moats. Peach trees and willows were planted alternatively in a smoky long embankment. A dark-green stone bridge looks like a long rainbow sleeping on the waves. In a white octagonal pagoda of Guanyin Temple, ...
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Share Beijing My Early Years
55555terry 2019-9-3 03:43
Beijing My Early Years
August 2004 My first visit to Nanjing and Beijing Zoo With friends, thank you for the warm reception
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Share To learn from others on thinking efficiency
SEARU 2019-8-27 10:06
Quarreling is nothing but waste of time for reader friends! We had better focus more energy on ‘standard’ textbooks! I wish Chinese top-level scholars should tell literature or science stories in brief text that is an issue on the working style. We ought to think, speak and write in simple way that is easy for children to accept your concept! If there were enough videos on what had been going on in class in the ancient times, modern educators would laugh at our ancestors whose w ...
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Share Wonderful Memories @ Beijing Sport University(2009-2014)
55555terry 2019-8-26 23:49
Wonderful Memories @ Beijing Sport University(2009-2014)
Ten Years ago (2009-2014) I was privileged and honoured to be invited Teach the beautiful Game(Football) and language @ Top Sport University in China Beijing Sport University Thank you for the wonderful memories.
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Share Schooling should train students to freely use words in easy way
SEARU 2019-8-26 18:18
Thanks for your remarking on the level of my English! I can't help laughing for it! You may think in this way: We Chinese are taught to be modest before others. So it is unfit for me if I claim how well I do on the foreign language! My success(if so) on bloging tells me I have benefit a lot from the dictionary that language expert has offered me too much power on how to freely use words to express myself! I wish my writing go like the special english program from the Voice of America with ...
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