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Share How to modernize Chinese education?
SEARU 2018-8-16 19:22
Your reply is meaningful! I think we are wrong with what and how kids are taught! Our textbooks don't go in a logical way and teachers‘ work is dominated by officials like soldiers must obey leader‘s order! We must let children become powerful on thinking instead of memorizing so-called knowledge! Science theory and formulas can be taught in an interesting way with more tests in plain words. Language class does not always mean to repeat famous sayings including ancient poems! I am af ...
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Share Young Returnee Determined to Promote Ethnic Costume in NW China
Women_of_China 2018-8-16 18:35
Young Returnee Determined to Promote Ethnic Costume in NW China
Dongge Yangzonglamu A graduate from Northwest China's Qinghai Province returned from the U.S. recently to start an ethnic costume business, with the pursuit of bringing national cultural products to the world. Dongge Yangzonglamu, 28, is general manager of a clothing company in Zeku County in Qinghai. She graduated from Qinghai University majoring in business administration and further studied international trade , with a minor in costume design, at Troy Universi ...
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Share China's Clothing Culture from a Gender Perspective
Women_of_China 2018-8-16 18:33
China's Clothing Culture from a Gender Perspective
After 1978, clothes with monochromatic gray, blue and green were abandoned and those with bright colors and evident feminine features were popular. Diversity became the major characteristic of the clothes in that period. As a form of non-verbal communication, clothing not only realizes its practical function on warmth retention, but reflects the social status, aesthetic taste and personal disposition of the dresser. Since China's reform and opening-up polic ...
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Share Self-determined Bird-lover Spreads Spirit of Protection Nationwide
Women_of_China 2018-8-16 18:32
Self-determined Bird-lover Spreads Spirit of Protection Nationwide
Liu Yidan A wildlife conservation enthusiast from north China's Tianjin municipality who has lead a team of volunteers across the country to carry out patrols and dismantle poaching nets recently appealed to the public to pay more attention to the protection of birds. Liu Yidan, along with her volunteer team, regularly patrols the grasslands of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to protect larks in the area. It always ...
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