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Share 2020-06-04
12dream 2020-6-4 16:42
Well said, Mr Borris Johnson : Post-Brexit needs more rowdy youngsters to scrub public toilets whilst thousands of older folks are dead or dying; esp. in old folk homes from coronavirus ! U K apparently is admitting its interference in HK riots; thus feeling guilty and obliged to take in as many as 2.5 millions HK rioters ( lazy and spoiled wanting free handouts ) to replace those innocent deaths from coronavirus. A fair d ...
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Share our youth (serial 53)
liuyumao 2020-6-4 15:39
Qing Zheng looked round them and said :” The first question is that Yang Mei must marriage with Zhang Wei! We could think it if the father of Yang Mei found them to live in same home, how will he think it who had revolution foe many years, he can not agree them to live same home before they you agree my point?” she waited their points..
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Share Donald Trump Likes To Cook By Himself In Political Hype, But The Cooking Is Terr
author_yangming 2020-6-4 01:39
Starting on Sunday, this week is a lasting tragedy for American society. The peaceful demonstrations against racial discrimination turned into violence and robbery. Donald Trump should take responsibility for this. As always, he completed his political hype, which was full of childishness, selfishness, and meanness. President Trump stated that if demonstrators enter the White House, they will let dogs bite. I can't believe this is what a national president said. It's like a child.Sometimes ...
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Share our youth (serial 52)
liuyumao 2020-6-1 16:50
Liu Tao said to them:” My father will be responsible for kitchen because the food ‘s safety is so important, we must provide the food which have the nutrition. My father don’t get the salary, because I can give them some money.!” He had though the problem for long time. His father had retried for one years, if he didn’t do any thing in home ,he could change older .
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Share our youth (serial 51)
liuyumao 2020-5-31 16:55
Zhang Wei first answered it:” I agree it because the father of Yang Mei had retried for one years who feel so lonely, he lives here that we could give consideration him and let him to feel that he have so ability to help us. He could become the security for our school. About salary which cannot receive, because the father of Yang Mei had retirement pay that is enough for him.” After it he waited their points.
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Share our youth (serial 49)
liuyumao 2020-5-29 16:34
Qing Zheng looked at her for moment and said:”your father had retried for one years, you could let him come here and help you to run the school, you also could give consideration to him in here, so your father could fell what is real countryside life!” she said in here, and stopped for minute. She cried again to her:” that is real good idea, I could let my father and mother ,liu tao’s father and mother lives in here! !”then she returned to Chang Shang and said to him:” I invest to ...
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Share Study in America?
MichaelM 2020-5-29 09:56
There's no better time for any student who wants to study in America to begin making plans and begin preparation to do so. Why? U.S. colleges are hurting right now. They have an array of problems that are quite daunting. 1. International and 'out-of-state' students pay more First, their current students are suing them to get back tuition that was paid for 'in class' lectures. Most colleges and universities are providing online classes. However, the quality of these classes are ...
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Share From Lion To Pussycat
KIyer 2020-5-24 09:05
It was my early days in Australia. I was in the hospital emergency room with my kid in Melbourne. He had been attended to and then discharged. It had been a long night and we were relieved knowing we could go home now. Since I had arrived in the ambulance with him the previous night, we were taking a cab back home. There was a phone booth near the entrance of the emergency room that one could use to call a taxi. I used it and booked one. They said it would arrive in about 5 minutes. Rath ...
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Share Hegemony, this is an impossible dream.
author_yangming 2020-5-23 15:20
What exactly is President Trump thinking? Maybe, just maybe. President Trump wants is the same as what Adolf Hitler wants. They all want hegemony. Decades have passed, But hegemonism has been lingering in human history. The progress of human civilization has masked the United States' hegemonism. Once hegemony of the United States was reflected in occupying more lands and building more military bases, such as South Korea and Japan. Today ’s American hegemony is reflected in President Trump ’s ...
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