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Fans of Baijie(Rebec Fans of Baijie(Rebec

You know this girl from USA with VOA? Her name is Baijie, from Monday to Friday, she will broadcast a video clip about English lea ...

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Chinese Original Roc Chinese Original Roc

Enjoy Chinese Original Rock Roll Music

3Group member 4Thread
Life Style Life Style

life is short, but how we live with it and enjoy it?

14Group member 1Thread
Enjoy Your Life Styl Enjoy Your Life Styl

life is short, but how we live with it and enjoy it?

34Group member 2Thread
Kids and education Kids and education

Collect tips on how to educate kids.

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Kids & education Kids & education

Collect tips on how to educate kids.

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The Intellectuals The Intellectuals

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Guitar Lovers Guitar Lovers

enjoy the free vioce

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Movie fans Movie fans

In this group,you can describe and share your favorite movies or movie star as you want ,and maybe you can find the Mr.Rright who ...

6Group member 1Thread
Basketball Hobbyists Basketball Hobbyists

Do you love basketball? Let's talk about it.

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Belt and Road Initiative: We want your submissions!
This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. Proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, what has the initiative achieved so far? What changes has B&R brought to your country? What are your expectations for the initiative? China Daily website welcomes foreigners around the world to reflect on the initiative and offer valuable insights.

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