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How did Chinese New Year become a world festival?



Feb 08, 2024, 09:44

While January 1st is celebrated as the New Year around the world according to the Christian calendar, China, which has a 5000-year-old civilization, has finally managed to list the Spring Festival as a United Nations day. In practice, while Western religion prevails, cultural customs in China are determined according to the lunar calendar.

Chinese New Year usually falls around January or February. For example, in 2024, February 10th is the beginning of the Chinese Dragon Year.

A fictional animal 'dragon' is a manglik creature of China. Among the 12 zodiac signs of the lunar calendar, the dragon carries the symbol of good fortune and good luck. Analysts believe that China is trying to unleash its miracle by shaking in all directions, like a dragon with the ability to break through the sky to sink into the sea.

In the world calendar dominated by Western festivals, the Asian power house has now got a place in Chinese New Year, 'Chun Chye' in Chinese, 'Spring Festival' in English and Spring Festival in Nepali.

On December 22, the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed the resolution to adopt the Lunar New Year as a day, and Chinese 'soft power' has just exploded. (By 财神)

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